Random Five Friday

Happy Friday! Time for randomness:

1.) The other evening on our way to dinner, Marshall spotted a sun dog in the western sky. (Just one more thing my son has taught me….)


2.) I do believe that I have my first photo entry for the 2019 Corolla Wild Horse Calendar contest.


3.) On a recent trip to Clarksville, VA, Motor Man and I discovered yet another LOVE sign.  Virginia’s state motto is “Virginia Is For Lovers”, so signs spelling out the word LOVE are scattered over the state.  Clarksville has many recreational activities related to its lakes, and the land was once home to the Occoneechee Indians (thus the dream catcher) . We thought this was a very original sign.


4.) Another busy weekend ahead: antiquing and “live” wreath-shopping with a friend tomorrow. We aren’t tackling the horse-head wreaths again this year. We had a fun time making them last Christmas, but it was a LOT of work.

donna db aggies wreath2 12-12-2015 5-07-59 PM

5.) Santa is scheduled to be at Bacon’s Castle tomorrow.  I may just have to stop by to take photos.  (Any excuse to visit the Castle… )


Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. I can see it… it looks a little like a poodle… or maybe it is a foal?

  2. That LOVE sign is truly original and interesting…..! Please tell Santa when you see him at the castle that I’ve been VERY good this year……


  3. Merry Christmas! Good capture on the sundog! How unique on the LOVE sign-in love it!And what a cute pic of you and I after what, 4 hours laboring over those beautiful horse head wreaths! WE are so happy because it was finished. I may have to share that if you don’t mind. Good weekend, good random post! OH, and love the next featured calendar picture! SOMETHING so appealing about the two.

  4. Beautiful photos – always! Definitely a contender for the next calendar. Isn’t it fun to spot the LOVE signs? This one is especially original. Today reflects the best of randomness.

  5. A nice wintertime / early Christmas R5F ..
    I’d have to say this horse pic already has my vote for the next calendar!
    Great pic of the Clauses at the Castle !

  6. Kelly’s has the horse head wreath.

  7. Awww, I love all these pictures today! I love Santa and his Mrs. and there is definitely something special about the two wild horses. I remember the horse head wreaths from last year… festive! A lovely holiday post!!!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree that is a prefect pick for the calendar. The Love sign is great very different. You and Marshall introduced me to the Sun Dog, had not heard of it before. Very interesting. You and Donna did a wonderful job on the horse head wealth but I know it was a lot of work. Waiting to see this years.

  9. Great photos. You and JR have a wonderful Xmas and if you get to KH over Xmas give us a call!

  10. Lovely shot of the horses! What kind of wreaths did you make this time? Oh, maybe I’ll find out if I keep reading! That is a unique love sign, and I’m glad they gave a nod to the Native Americans.

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