Our New Year’s Eve

Many times, clicking on a blog post titled “New Year’s Eve” would bring up pictures of folks in fancy clothes, enjoying music, dancing and good food at a festively decorated venue.  Not here. To close out our year, Motor Man and I took a day trip last Saturday to one of our favorite places…


…to visit some of our favorites of God’s creatures.  They are looking especially healthy and hearty with their woolly winter coats.


They appear ready for the cold temperatures and snow, possibly several inches, that’s forecast for this weekend.


I ask you: does this majestic stallion with the windblown mane not know that he’s handsome?


When we see the horses, they’re usually just standing (posing, we say), sometimes grazing.  It’s always fun to see them running, and the thrill is to see one (or both) rear up during a little scuffle.  And then, there are fun little shows like this one.  (Volume up)

Uh…’scuse me, you didn’t quite shake off all that sand there, buddy. But, that’s okay: you wear it well.


Motor Man and I packed a picnic lunch, which we ate while looking out on the ocean (from the comfort of our vehicle.).  And we remembered the tripod, so we could get a picture.


We were safely back at home long before dark. It was a fun, no-frills New Year’s Eve….just our style.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Our New Year’s Eve

  1. A lovely way to spend New Year’s Eve…..and yes – that certainly is your style – enjoying the last day of the year with “your” horses and JR!


  2. Such a Sweet, Sweet way to end one year and begin a new one for a special couple. God Bless You both this year. And always, ‘your’ horses are beautiful!

  3. I can’t imagine a finer New Year. Spending the day with the beauties at the beach sounds like a slice of heaven. Love that dusty pony. It certainly stirred up a cloud taking a dust bath. Great photo of you and MM, it’s full of smiles and filled with love.
    Wishing you a year of fun and happy adventures.

  4. Sounds like a perfect New Year’s Eve to me!

  5. That sounds just heavenly to me, and I imagine even more so to you two!!

  6. Just right ! The horses are looking great – especially when they’re rolling around – livin’ it up !
    Happy New Year !

  7. With heavy snow in our forecast, I savored your photos, Dianna. 🙂

  8. That first photo!!! I absolutely am drawn to it like a magnet on metal. Beautiful. And the music is just perfect for your video. 😉 Oh, I’m glad you remembered your tripod and have that sweet photo of you and MM enjoying your day at the beach. Happy New Year!!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Spending New Years Eve with the horses and JR, there could be no better. All the pictures are great.

  10. Great way to start a new year! Love your song choice for the video!

  11. Your New Years Eve sounds perfect. I always enjoy your pictures of the wild horses.

  12. Oh! Oh! Oh! We LOVE the horse pictures! What a great way to spend New Year’s Eve!
    Oh yes, you and Motor Man look fabulous too!
    Nellie & Mommy

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