Here A Horse, There A Horse

It’s been a while since I’ve shared wild horse photos with you, so today’s the day.

When Motor Man and I spot the first horse on one of our beach trips, one of us will usually say: “Well, it won’t be a zero day”. Thankfully, we’ve only had a few of those over the years we’ve been going to see the horses.

On our most recent trip, we set a personal record: the highest number of wild horses we’ve ever seen.  We counted 92….ninety-two.  That’s just about the entire herd. Our beach day started with this gorgeous line-up. There were horses standing by the ocean:

There were horses resting by the ocean:

There were horses by the dunes:

There were horses ON the dunes:

And horses running OFF the dunes:

There were horses in front of sand fences:

And horses by the sound:

There were horses everywhere!


~These Days Of Mine~








11 responses to “Here A Horse, There A Horse

  1. Incredible you saw so many! The pics are so good too. No babies I take it, or we would have seen pics. You probably broke a record for most seen in one day by “amateur”, but surely by now you have acheived expert status!

  2. Ninety-two is what I’d call a “bumper crop” of horses!


  3. WOW!!!! You have a year’s calendar worth of pictures! Every picture is just beautiful. Definitely ‘not a zero day’.

  4. Love, love, love!!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing pics!

  5. And you (and us too) were in horse heaven! Looks like you do have some more calendar worthy pictures. Maybe you should start a new business, printing Outer Banks horse calendars and selling them. They would certainly be a hit!

  6. What a day!
    Tough to pick a fave,
    but I think the one by the fence is my choice this time !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love it! Beautiful, beautiful horses!!!!! Hoping to get back down there this summer to my friend cottage and take some good shots like yours. Love it!

  8. What a wondrous day you had Dianna! And the photo ops are fantastic. Love it.

  9. Gracefully Global

    Pretty incredible…I’ve never seen such a thing. What a treat.

  10. Delightful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful horses.

  11. How amazing! As a life long horse lover I’ve always wanted to observe them in the wild. I hope to visit the mustangs out west and the ponies in VA on Assateague island. I’ll have to add this to my list!

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