Like Sunday Morning

 You  may recall previously reading here that early morning is my very favorite time of day.

Sunday morning, I stepped out right around the time of sunrise. As I opened the garage door, I saw our resident fawns, lying in the side yard. By the time I went back inside for the camera and returned, one of them was standing.

They aren’t really afraid of me, but they also don’t like for me to get too close. However, it was golden hour, and I really wanted some pictures of them in that light. So I moved very slowly and used the zoom on the camera.

Once they saw me, they moved over to our old cedar tree (video of them running later in the post).

They were so beautifully lit by the early morning sun.

Hello, sweetie. Thank you for sharing part of your morning with me.

As promised, here’s the video of them running across the yard.  The only sound is that of birds and our nearby bamboo wind chimes.


“…easy like Sunday morning”…

~These Days Of Mine~







12 responses to “Like Sunday Morning

  1. AAHHHH!!! Perfect song phrase! Saw your butterfly chair – beautiful there. In spite of myself, I smiled at the fawns, knowing your flowers may be future meals.

  2. We just love seeing the fawns……I do worry about them a bit sometimes as there’s no Mom or Dad with them though. They’re such pretty little things………I always find myself smiling when I watch them.


  3. like you, early morning is my favorite time of day. these pictures are amazing –

  4. Marsha A Henegar

    What a lovely sight to see upon waking…

  5. Adorable. Thanks for sharing what I know took a long time to capture!

  6. Great photos, Dianna! That early Sunday morning sunlight provided just the right atmosphere for those cuties.

  7. How sweet and beautiful, makes me want to get up earlier in the morning!

  8. Aw what wonderful precious babies to be greeted with. They’re so adorable.

  9. They know they’re in a safe environment..
    & they’re really enjoying it !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Amazing and wonderful!!

  11. They are so sweet…and how lucky you are to photograph them in the golden hour.

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