Random Five Friday

Five randoms for a hot, humid July Friday.

1.) In our area, the heat index has been over 100 for the past few days.  Early morning is just about the only time to do anything outdoors when that is the case. Bonus: that’s usually a gorgeous time of day.

2.) One of my outdoor chores recently has been trying to cover some of my plants in netting to protect them from these critters.  The deer repellent sprays I’ve been using in the past seem to be ineffective these days. (Yes, the deer are very charming.  And equally as destructive.)

3.) Bacon’s Castle is always beautiful in my eyes, but on a recent day, the white clouds in a perfectly blue sky made for an amazing backdrop.

4.) I think this weekend will be spent purchasing a new computer. “Someone” has so many pictures on this one, it’s running low out of storage space.  That same “someone” is dreading the change.

5.) This post began with a sunrise, so it’s only fitting that it end with a sunset.  Last week, my niece and her son visited, and they joined Motor Man and me for a sail on the tall ship, Alliance, out of Yorktown.  That is the George P. Coleman bridge in the background.

Happy weekend, stay cool and feel free to share any randoms you may have.

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Good morning. It is amazing how pleasant and breezy the early mornings are in comparison to the brutal hot days, but you are right, and a wonderful time to be about. Your deer picture is absolutely charming and Mr. Disney keeps crossing my mind because of their obvious charm. The picture of Bacon’s castle is timeless and just wonderful. Good weekend too all creatures and humans in the Keen family.

  2. Beautiful photos and entertaining thoughts. Your deer look surreal standing there waiting for a new batch of freshly bought flowers to eat. Back=on castle looks like it’s sitting on the edge of cloud city. The sunset and the bridge is the perfect shot.
    I wish you luck with the new pc. I hope you can transfer and get used to it smoothly and quickly.

  3. Beautiful photos as always………good luck with the netting and saving your plants – the deers’ determination to eat all the “pretty things” is impressive isn’t it?


  4. Another good Summer post for R5F …!
    Love the cloud background in the Castle shot !
    Sorry about the computer issues – I know the feeling : /

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have only one word to say for each of your pictures today, Dianna. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The picture of the deer, I must admit, is my favorite, Good luck on the netting. .

  6. Those deer – so cute, but so lethal to plants in the yard. The photo is really great though. And your beloved Bacon’s Castle does look magnificent against that blue backdrop of sky! I feel your pain at acquiring a new computer. It’s always a challenge to learn how to use it, I think. I keep backing up all my photos on a hard drive because I’m always afraid our desktop will crash one of these days and I’ll lose them all.

  7. Sunrise/Sunset and all that regal beauty inbetween. You are one lucky lady.

  8. Can’t really pick a favorite – each one is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. I wish I was on that bank looking out at that marina and sky. 🙂 It’s been hot here too, it’s so hard to get motivated to work outside.

  10. As always beautiful photos. Bacon’s Castle never looked so good – WOW!!! And the deer…………………Yes, they are picture perfect (not feeding on your plantings). Sunrise and Sunset – the best parts of a day. Praying for a break in the heat….maybe soon?

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