Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted five randoms on Friday, so today’s the day:

1.) Motor Man and I hosted my family reunion last Saturday. My earliest memories of that event were when I was a child, and the family met at my uncle’s farm. We all brought wire coat hangers and roasted hot dogs over an open fire.  Over the years, there have been reunions with more than 70 people in attendance. This year, we had 14. But the weather was perfect, and we all had a great time.

2.) Last night, for the first time ever, I put a cat in time out.  Sundae has bitten me on the arm three times this week – all unprovoked and “breaking the skin” each time. Every time that it’s happened, I’ve been sitting at my computer, not paying any attention to her. Perhaps that’s the problem. I think she knows what she’s doing is wrong, because she immediately runs from the scene.  Last night, when she ran from the room, I closed the door, leaving her in another part of the house from Motor Man and me.  I’m open to suggestions….

3.) I took this picture on our most recent Outer Banks trip to see the wild horses. It wasn’t until I uploaded the pics to the computer that I noticed the neck-scratching taking place.

4.) I’m sharing a sunset picture from earlier in the week. It was at the end of an overcast day, and I had to wait for the sun to clear the clouds. So worth the wait.

5.) I recently purchased a “super size” external hard drive, and Marshall came to transfer all my photos off the computer. (YIKES….the idea of doing this is keeping me awake at night, even though they’re already backed up on another hard drive.) When we connected the hard drive to the computer via USB, we expected it to be assigned a drive letter.  But that didn’t happen. So, unless we can figure this out, I may be returning that hard drive for a more user-friendly one. Searching for solutions online has us even more confused. We aren’t IT folks: just regular people. Again, I’m open to suggestions….

Have a good weekend; looks to be a rainy one for us. At least, we have no family reunion planned.

~These Days Of Mine~


12 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. I totally understand the panic with the pictures and hard drive. I cringe thinking about things not working correctly and losing everything.

  2. Beautiful sunset and the horse making use of what’s available to scratch its neck is wonderful. I’d be nervous about those pictures too. Now, Sundae….don’t you know not to bite the hand that feeds you???? Great Random 5 – I look forward to them.

  3. I love the way you have included the beautiful things like horses and sunsets with a worrisome kitty and computer confusion.

  4. Hmm….maybe Sundae was hoping you’d abandon the computer and have a game of chase with her? I think most kitties bite to get attention…..I guess she doesn’t think she gets enough of that from her Motor Mommy. Beautiful sunset and horse pix……….so happy your family reunion worked out weather-wise and fun-wise!


  5. 1.) It was a good time, with perfect weather !
    2.) I don’t know – I wish I had advice : /
    3.) ; )
    4.) Definitely worth it !
    5.) Aaargh!! I was all set to jump right in & get started ….

  6. Good to read another random by you, but naughty little Sundae! I wish I had a suggestion but I don’t on that one. Oh, the worrisome hard drive issue – I have a bit of anxiety over losing everything too. I back up my photos on a hard drive, but haven’t succeeded yet in storing other stuff. Your family reunion sounded wonderful and of course, I always love your horse and sunset photos. Hope you get some answers to both the kitty and the hard drive.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae better be a good girl or she could be in more time out. 😦 I am so glad ever thing worked out for your family reunion, they are always such fun.
    Horses are s pretty. Sunset is breath taking!!

  8. I highly recommend a calming collar for cats. Chewy has them for about $5 They have a lavender scent and phermones to calm kitties, they really work.

  9. Oh, Sundae, naughty girl! Since she’s already used to your computer behavior and it seems sudden without provocation, an odd thought occurred… Maybe she’s one of those cats that can sense something is off health-wise (..she knows you have carpal tunnel syndrome before you’re aware of it?) ..So naturally she’s concerned and acting as nurse, trying to get you to stop typing. Next thought, maybe she’s ‘at that age’. They seem to go through a rough patch around 3-5, depending on the cat. Even the spayed or neutered ones. Maybe there’s a stray around, bothering her, and she needs you to attend to it instead of the computer. Or she’s had it with all your attention to the lovely animals around the yard but not her. Poor dear. 😉 Or maybe she senses the computer is causing you more stress lately, so she’s trying to tug you away from it, hmm…
    Cats are so complex and full of mystery, mischief, and cuddles of course.

  10. Sorry to hear (read) that Sundae is behaving in such a distressing and apparently jealous attention seeking way. My daughter is a Veterinarian and particularly interested in cat behaviour – she recommends not responding to the provocation of getting bitten, but realised this is not easy!! In theory you should only reward Positive behaviour by giving attention, however hard this seems. So, if possible don’t react to the biting incident but calmly remove Sundae and continue at the computer. Just reward her for allowing you to work at the computer unmolested by giving her a little attention at intervals. However it might be a sign of anxiety so some of the cat pheromone based calming remedies might be worth a try too.
    I do hope you find a remedy, for both your sakes. Love. Lin.

    • Thanks, Lin, for your advice! Sundae does, on occasion, bite me when I’m not at the computer, so it isn’t strictly related to the computer. We adopted her from the humane society, so who knows what happened in her “former life”? Thanks for your comment!

  11. It’s wonderful that you continue the family reunions regardless of their size. Love the picture of the horse. That naughty kitty! I’m sorry, I have no suggestions for her or for the IT stuff. I can wish you good luck though!

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