Random Five Friday

Friday again and time for five random thoughts:

1.) I’m still enjoying the zinnias in our yard.  When I snapped this pic, the butterfly and bee were both on the bloom, but in that split second, the butterfly took flight.

2.) Marshall sent me this picture of his newest kitty, Scream, and gave me permission to share it here.

Marshall believes Scream may be part-Bengal.  His coat is striped on his back, but he has spots on his tummy.

3.) If you’re looking for something to do during the eclipse (other than chance looking at it), check out the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page and “be there” at 2:00 on Monday afternoon. Here’s what they’re going to attempt: “Our plan is to locate a harem of horses and do a live Facebook video documenting their behavior during the eclipse. There are a lot of variables (the horses, our internet connection, etc., etc.) but we’re going to do our best! Be sure to tune in.”  I plan to be watching and wish them much success with this project!

4.) These horses live just “down the road” from us, and one day this week, they were standing near the highway.  I turned around and went back for a picture. They happily posed for me.

5.)  My friend, Donna, and I are hoping to make it to the Farmers Market tomorrow.

I’d love it if you’d share your Friday randoms.

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Scream is a beautiful cat with an interesting name! The weather for eclipse day may be cloudy here but of course we’ll be somewhat aware of what’s going on even with a partial eclipse……interesting project the Wild Horse folks will be doing with the horses – I’ve heard animals will be a little “off” during that period of time!

    Happy Random Friday…………..Pam and Teddy too

  2. Glad Marshall got a new kitty. Interesting coloring. Love the romantic dup peeking over the fence. Exciting you are going to be on the beach with the horses for the eclipse! Enjoy!

  3. Butterflies are so hard to photograph since they flit about here and there. I stood quietly and still at our butterfly bush for quite a long while yesterday trying to get good photos of those lovely creatures as they were supping on the blooms. Only got a few good ones as most of the time they decided to fly off as I snapped. Marshall’s new kitty sure has an unusual name – fitting for a different looking fellow. Have fun at the Farmer’s Market. I am spending a quiet Friday at home (looks like stormy weather here) by myself.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful butterfly, flower and bee great combination. Scream must know by now he has found a good home. The horses look very content with you taking their picture. The project with the horses sounds very interest. I will try to catch it on Facebook. You and Donna have fun tomorrow. ❤

  5. Great shot of the bee and butterfly! The horse project sounds interesting! I may have to check it out.

  6. What a beautiful wild looking but sweet cat. I love that butterfly and bee photo. Tried to enjoy the first day of a big antique and market show but it started raining. Vendors hurried to cover their wares. All the fun metal yard art makes me want to learn to weld. …That’s so interesting about the horses. I want to tune in to that to see what might happen. I’ll also keep a closer eye on my cats (and two little hens, ha!) to see if they might act a little strange on Monday.

  7. That is a cute kitty.

  8. Beautiful pictures. My Random 5 involves Back to School, Wedding Rehearsal, Back to School, Wedding, and Back to School. Can you tell how much my randomness narrows when school starts again? It’ll be GREAT though – Bright young faces! ….And my precious sister’s wedding!

  9. I’m also enjoying the zinnias in my garden. They are such a beautiful flower.

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