Random Five Friday

First of September random thoughts:

1.) Motor Man and I attended a fiftieth anniversary party for friends a few weeks ago. Someone had apparently been designated to take pictures of all the guests. This week, we received this photo in the mail; we thought it was a very sweet gesture.

2.) Sunset on Wednesday evening.

3.)  Remember the three ducklings from a few weeks ago? The last time we saw them, there were only two. That was probably ten days ago.  But….they returned yesterday morning!  Motor Man noticed them first – swimming our way with Mama Duck. We had been worried that they had met with a sad fate, so were so happy to see them.

4.) My niece, Donna,  and her son, (Connor) Ray, live between Houston and Galveston. Although there was flooding in their neighborhood from the hurricane, thankfully, they and their house came through with no problems. Ray’s school district is closed through this week, so yesterday, he helped friends whose home was flooded.

5.) The ocean along the Outer Banks of North Carolina was still showing effects of the storm just a couple of days ago.

Have a happy, safe weekend. We’re praying that Irma hangs a sharp right and heads out to sea.


~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Glad Donna and her son are alright and it was super sweet of him to help friends out who WERE effected. We hope Irma takes a different direction too OR fizzles out PERIOD. Glad Mom and baby ducks are alright!


  2. All pictures wonderful, as usual. When is the last time any of us got a hard picture? I used to do it all the time. I miss those days. But, the instant gratification of texting pictures is wonderful too. So glad you saw your teenage goslings!! Beautiful cool day, great weekend to you and yours.

  3. The picture was a very sweet gesture and it’s a wonderful picture of you both!

  4. Such a nice photo of you and MM. Happy to hear your family near Houston is safe — so is my husband’s brother and family. We were concerned when we saw folks being evacuated from their town, but their home was not flooded. Sure do hope stormy Irma stays away!

  5. That is a great photo of you two, and a great sunset. It’s good to hear the ducklings are back!
    & Yes- hoping Irma goes East ..

  6. I agree – that is a great picture of you and MM. Look at the power in those waves and the peaceful sunset. YAY for the ducklings and glad to hear that Donna and Connor are doing well and able to help others. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The picture of you and JR is great. So happy to hear the ducklings are back. Another wonderful sunset and the picture of the ocean is remarkable!! Ray is a fine young man and the picture confirmed that. Chuck and I both hope Irma does turn back out to sea and does no one any harm.

  8. Great photos. I am glad your niece and her family are safe.

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