Random Five Friday

Actually, my thoughts today aren’t really random. Today’s post is all about nature.

1.)  I’ve posted recently about the huge zinnia plant we have (currently up to 6 feet), but I also have a few miniature zinnias, compliments of seeds from my friend, Donna. Isn’t this precious? It’s the only way I had to show the size of this sweet little bloom when I discovered it.

2.) And  now, a few duck randoms.  They were here for dinner on a recent evening during golden hour: my favorite time for photos. I’m sharing this one although it isn’t perfect.  Our little dock is all cattywampus from recent high tides. But I loved the one duck strolling on the dock and the fact that I caught another one taking flight.

3.)  The two babies are still visiting.  They’ve really grown, but still so cute.

4.) I submitted this next photo to our local paper and was honored that it was chosen to be printed in Wednesday’s paper. Mama Duck: “Does this golden hour light make my tailfeathers look big?

5.) And lastly, I captured this video (also on Wednesday) of a species of butterfly that I really don’t recall ever seeing before. Based on my online research, I believe it to be a Great Spangled Fritillary.  I find this little video rather relaxing.

And we certainly need a little relaxation right now. Praying for safety for those in Irma’s path as well as those dealing with the wildfires in the west.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Those ducks look quite happy at the Keen Animal Sanctuary! I’ve never seen a “mini-zinnia” before…..very sweet. We are all praying for those in the path of this powerful storm….and for those still recovering from Harvey as well. Seems our old Earth is trying to tell us something….


  2. Wonderful, Relaxing pictures. Isn’t it amazing how nature can relax us and make us anxious (praying for those in the path of Irma.)?

  3. Beautiful pictures as always! The video is very soothing and yes—we all need a little bit of calm right now.

  4. What a sweet little zinnia bloom. The other photos are just ducky too, and the video of the butterfly – much needed calm. Just watching that butterfly’s wings go back and forth did have a relaxing, calming effect. Certainly what we all need with all the disastrous news our country is facing right now.

  5. yes- amazing how something can be so small and frail or massive and threatening.. hoping for as little damage as possible.
    the antics of the ducks are good relief !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another good R5F!! You have certainly grew small and large zinnias this year. Both are very pretty. I love seeing the ducks playing around and congrats on you picture the Daily Press printed!!

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