Girls And Goats

You may recall this post from last year when Motor Man, my friend, Donna, and I visited a local winery.

Last Saturday, Donna and I were in the neighborhood so we stopped in – not for wine, but to visit the goats. In case you missed that original post, the winery is home to the world tallest goat tower.

Last time we were there,  we weren’t fortunate enough to see any goats actually ON the tower.   But this time, we were in for a treat.

Unfortunately, it was an overcast day, so the pictures aren’t as bright as they would have been had it been sunny.

It’s amazing to watch the goats actually climb the steps. It looks pretty scary to me.

Oops – got an itchy.

Going down?

We were able to purchase little cups of “goat chow”, so once down from the tower, the goats headed our way for a snack.

I’ve always thought goats were so cute.

And obviously, so does Donna.

As for the title of today’s post, why, yes, Donna and I still think of ourselves as “girls”….why do you ask?

~These Days Of Mine~



11 responses to “Girls And Goats

  1. That tower is interesting…..they seem very nonplussed by it but I think I’d be in trouble if I looked down! Neither you nor Donna look like anything BUT girls and I daresay any guys tuning in today will totally agree! 😉


  2. Oh, your goat on the tower pictures turned out so good!! He was so content on the tower, and was not coming down till we rattled the goat treats! They had the most marvelous clear blue eyes, and sassy personalities. We did taste great vinaigrette’s there, one of our favorites a pear and something combination. Also had cucumber and …, wonderful fresh combinations with bread to dip and taste. They had picked some white Muscadine grapes that brought back memories of my grandmother’s woods. Hampton Roads Winery is always hospitable. It was a great day!

  3. AMAZING!!! Knew goats liked to climb, but that climb looks a little scary to me. GIRLS!!! Of course! Love the pics of your neat adventure.

  4. Wonder if those goats pretend they’re climbing a tall mountain? 😉 You girls — yes you ARE still girls — look like you had fun with those little critters.

  5. I am a huge fan of goats as well. They are just so fun and their expressions are hysterical at times. I also know they love to climb but this tower is AMAZING! I may have to send it to one of my friends who has a bunch of her own–she would love it!

  6. Love the tower !
    They seem to be right at home on it !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What fun!! The goats are so cute and interesting. I did not know the winery was so interesting and fun. Chuck and I were going there a couple of weeks ago but didn’t. I think we will be making a day trip soon.

  8. Wonderful place for letting your inner girls loose to shine,

  9. That is so cool, looks like a fun day.

  10. I have never seen a goat tower Dianna. An interesting place for sure and the goats are sweet.

  11. Fun post! Goats are cool animals.

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