Random Five Friday

Once again, it’s time for five random thoughts to end the week.

1,) On Labor Day, Motor Man and I drove our little yellow ’32 (Vicky) to a nearby 50’s-type drive-in for lunch.  On the way, we passed the War Memorial Museum in Newport News and took a little drive around the premises. Motor Man commented that our car is older than those tanks. It’s certainly brighter…

2.) The butterflies continue to enjoy my zinnias. And I continue to enjoy the butterflies.

3.) Earlier this summer, I rescued this hibiscus from the “orphanage” at Lowe’s.  I do believe it’s happy here in its new home. Since the deer find hibiscus yummy, I’m planning to bring it in for the winter and hope it survives for next year.

4.) A sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.  It almost looks as though that one area is being spotlighted.

5.) My friend, Bev, asked if she could come to our house last night to have me help her with something on the computer. She and her daughter, Lacey, enjoy painting rocks and leaving them in public places as inspiration for others. So Bev asked Lacey to paint a rock for me in appreciation for my help.  I love it.

Care to share some randomness from your world?

~These Days Of Mine~



9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Great randoms as always……rock painting is such a HUGE thing these days…..throughout our town painted rocks can be found in clever little hiding spots and I keep thinking I might give that a whirl. We have friends who go to parks for walks with their pets who report that they see them along trails, in trees, left on picnic tables. It’s a GREAT way to spread fun!

    Happy weekend.
    Pam and Teddy too

  2. Love this weeks randomness. Vicki is so charming. One day I know I will have journey in her. She is so delicate yet so strong. Just a beautiful machine. That splash of sunshine on the shore was charming. Butterflies, zinnias you have found what thrives besides deer. You need to start a seed search for exotics, regionals and more giants. I am going to try some more in my barrel, but start earlier. Have a great weekend Great post@

  3. Wonderful Random 5. Love the bright yellow (yellow makes me smile) car! The butterflies and zinnias continue to be beautiful as well as the spotlight on the marina. You should have no problem keeping the hibiscus through the winter. Love the painted rock tribute. Our Kindergartners have painted them and lined the sidewalk outside their classroom with them. Thanks for the fun post.

  4. Healthy, happy flowers.. butterflies..
    Classic cars, tanks,
    Sunrises and
    … an art form that is getting popular..
    the idea that a bare rock could be a cat is almost as impressive as making it a cat !
    some of the colors even look like Sundae ..

  5. Rock painting is big here too. What a fun hobby. As always, I love your randoms.

  6. Beautiful car. We have a soft spot for classics with a inventory of a few. 🙂 Love that sunrise shot. 🙂

  7. Fun post – I didn’t realize it was yours – how cool is that to toodle around in? Way cool!

    Love all the photos ~ your sunrise shot is my favorite this week 🙂


  8. I’ve also noticed that butterflies are really enjoying my zinnias. This year was the first time that I’ve planted zinnias in many years.

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