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Wilde Horsey Wednesday

*Edited:  The title of this post has been edited due to a trademark issue.

Today, I thought I’d share some photos from our recent outings to the Corolla area of the Outer Banks.

Is it any wonder that this is one of our favorite places for a day trip? On the other side of this dune is the ocean.

Safe to say, the scenery is pretty enough as is, but it’s greatly improved when wild horses are included.

I’m not sure what was happening in this next picture, but I thought it was an interesting shot. (Once again, my photos are taken with a “zoom” lens, then cropped once they’re downloaded.  I’m not nearly as close to the horses as it appears.)

We saw these two up on a dune with quite a congregation of cattle egrets.

Back by the ocean, Motor Man had stopped so I could take pictures, when this beauty came strolling by us.

Ah…..’nuff said.

~These Days Of Mine~





Monday Morning Mews

Hi, furriends, Gypsy here with this week’s mews.

Today, I thought you’d like to see how my pawrents work together when the time comes for me to have a pawdicure.

Motor Man holds me in his arms, because he and Motor Mommy both know that I will completely relax there.

Motor Mommy comes over with those little nail clippers and gently clips my claws. I’m always a good girl for them.(And she apologizes for “cutting off the top” of Motor Man’s head in this next pic.)

Aren’t I a lucky girl to have pawrents to love me and take such good care of me? I certainly made the right decision when I adopted them.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Actually, my thoughts today aren’t really random. Today’s post is all about nature.

1.)  I’ve posted recently about the huge zinnia plant we have (currently up to 6 feet), but I also have a few miniature zinnias, compliments of seeds from my friend, Donna. Isn’t this precious? It’s the only way I had to show the size of this sweet little bloom when I discovered it.

2.) And  now, a few duck randoms.  They were here for dinner on a recent evening during golden hour: my favorite time for photos. I’m sharing this one although it isn’t perfect.  Our little dock is all cattywampus from recent high tides. But I loved the one duck strolling on the dock and the fact that I caught another one taking flight.

3.)  The two babies are still visiting.  They’ve really grown, but still so cute.

4.) I submitted this next photo to our local paper and was honored that it was chosen to be printed in Wednesday’s paper. Mama Duck: “Does this golden hour light make my tailfeathers look big?

5.) And lastly, I captured this video (also on Wednesday) of a species of butterfly that I really don’t recall ever seeing before. Based on my online research, I believe it to be a Great Spangled Fritillary.  I find this little video rather relaxing.

And we certainly need a little relaxation right now. Praying for safety for those in Irma’s path as well as those dealing with the wildfires in the west.

~These Days Of Mine~


Girls And Goats

You may recall this post from last year when Motor Man, my friend, Donna, and I visited a local winery.

Last Saturday, Donna and I were in the neighborhood so we stopped in – not for wine, but to visit the goats. In case you missed that original post, the winery is home to the world tallest goat tower.

Last time we were there,  we weren’t fortunate enough to see any goats actually ON the tower.   But this time, we were in for a treat.

Unfortunately, it was an overcast day, so the pictures aren’t as bright as they would have been had it been sunny.

It’s amazing to watch the goats actually climb the steps. It looks pretty scary to me.

Oops – got an itchy.

Going down?

We were able to purchase little cups of “goat chow”, so once down from the tower, the goats headed our way for a snack.

I’ve always thought goats were so cute.

And obviously, so does Donna.

As for the title of today’s post, why, yes, Donna and I still think of ourselves as “girls”….why do you ask?

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, efurryone!  Sundae –  back with you after a little break last week while we celebrated Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Today, I’m sharing pictures Motor Mommy took a couple of weeks ago. She came home one afternoon to find me lounging snoozing on the bed in “The Donna Room”.

We call it that because, when Mommy’s niece, Donna, comes to visit from Texas, that’s her room.

And sometimes, Mommy’s friend, Donna, spends the night when there’s a special weekend event happening in town.

Mommy took these pictures with her cell phone in order to “capture the moment”, so they aren’t quite as sharp as those taken with a camera.

I like to spend time in “The Donna Room” whenever I can.

(Actually. any bed, chair or sofa is fair game when I’m ready for a nap.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

First of September random thoughts:

1.) Motor Man and I attended a fiftieth anniversary party for friends a few weeks ago. Someone had apparently been designated to take pictures of all the guests. This week, we received this photo in the mail; we thought it was a very sweet gesture.

2.) Sunset on Wednesday evening.

3.)  Remember the three ducklings from a few weeks ago? The last time we saw them, there were only two. That was probably ten days ago.  But….they returned yesterday morning!  Motor Man noticed them first – swimming our way with Mama Duck. We had been worried that they had met with a sad fate, so were so happy to see them.

4.) My niece, Donna,  and her son, (Connor) Ray, live between Houston and Galveston. Although there was flooding in their neighborhood from the hurricane, thankfully, they and their house came through with no problems. Ray’s school district is closed through this week, so yesterday, he helped friends whose home was flooded.

5.) The ocean along the Outer Banks of North Carolina was still showing effects of the storm just a couple of days ago.

Have a happy, safe weekend. We’re praying that Irma hangs a sharp right and heads out to sea.


~These Days Of Mine~