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Leave My Patterns Out Of It

Some of my earliest memories are of my mom sitting at this old Singer treadle sewing machine, making nearly all her clothes, my clothes and tiny dresses for my dolls.

Later, when I tried my hand at sewing, I found that clothes weren’t really my strong point and focused instead on making fabric “rag” dolls (Raggedy Ann, etc.)

When Marshall’s dad and I owned the local Ben Franklin store, sewing patterns were a popular item. Since I was in charge of the sewing department, it was my job to update the pattern cabinets…..quite a chore when the company would send us a new pattern whose number fell in sequence in the middle of one of the drawers. Several years ago, the building was sold, as well as most of the fixtures.  The pattern cabinets, however, had no takers. I took this picture just before the building was demolished.

So, when I saw this book while shopping recently, I thought what a clever, CLEVER idea: give captions to those vintage sewing pattern images.

I thumbed through a few pages, and the captions I read were quite humorous. So I purchased it and, later, when I had a few moments, sat down to read it.

I began to think that this book would be a nice gift for a dear friend who does quite a bit of sewing.

But, then the sub-title of the book, “the seamy side of fashion”, came into play with this obviously racial caption.

And this, with its sexual innuendo.

There were several other racial and sexual references. And a caption for a pattern for little boys clothes, referring to “dank weed”.

Upon reading the info provided on the book’s author, I find that she’s a comedian. Well, I’m sure some might appreciate the humor, but it didn’t “cut” it with me.

The book will be in my next bag of give-aways heading to the thrift shop.

Yes, I’m a fuddy-duddy old lady, but I find it sad that what could have been a truly fun book instead includes racial and sexual content.  The author dedicates the book to her “mom and gram and grammie and grums”.

They must be so proud.

~These Days Of Mine~