Daily Archives: January 24, 2018

One Picture, Many Memories

Sunday evening, around the time of sunset, I glanced out and saw a photo op. Not taking time to search for our “big” camera, I just snapped this with my cell phone.

The phrase that came to mind immediately was: “On a clear day…..you can see forever”.

And that thought brought about SO many memories.

When I was almost a teenager, my late sister, Rose, took a trip to New York City. While there, she went to the Broadway play, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever”.  I wasn’t quite sure what year she made the trip, but thanks to Wikipedia, I discovered that the play only ran from October 17, 1965 til June 11, 1966. I’m fairly certain Rose went in April, so that narrows it right down.

One of the souvenirs she brought back to me was the sheet music to the title song. And I’m guessing that I have it here…somewhere…packed away.  I found this image on the internet…yep, this was it.

She also brought back a burgundy sleeveless top for me that she bought at Ohrbach’s.  If you (or your moms or grandmas) ever watched the soap operas, you may recall the phrase “fashions by Ohrbach’s” at the end of some of those episodes.  I thought it was SO cool to have an item of clothing from a shop who provided “fashions” to the stars on tv.

So, because of that one picture, all those memories came to mind.

Not sure of the date, but around the time of Rose’s NY trip

Just like it was yesterday.

~These Days Of Mine~