Daily Archives: January 29, 2018

Monday Morning Mews: What I Do Best

Hello, efurryone! Gypsy here with this week’s mews.

Recently, Motor Man has been in need of some de-stressing.  You may not know it, but that’s exactly what some kitties (including me) do best.

When I know that Motor Man needs me, I jump up on his desk, go over and sit by his phone and stare at the wall. That’s my signal for him to pick me up and hold me.  Once in a while I do this when Motor Mommy is there at the shop with us, but most of the time, it’s when Motor Man and I are there alone.

Oh, and notice the back of the chair behind Motor Man’s head?  Yep, that’s something else I do pretty well, too. Even though I have two scratching posts, sadly, I prefer to use the office furniture.

Sometimes, along with the good comes a little “bad”.

~These Days Of Mine~