Summer In February

Last Sunday, Motor Man and I took advantage of the AMAZING weather and headed to Carova Beach.

Temps were in the low-mid 70’s (yes, 70’s) and although there were some clouds, we also had quite a bit of sun. The rain waited til later in the evening to move into the area.

We saw a total of 13 horses: not bad for this time of year. These six were enjoying lunch.

You may recall a post I wrote a few months ago about the radio station of my youth “returning” and playing songs from the 50’s and 60’s (and a few 70’s).  It’s an AM station, but the reception is great in the Outer Banks. When I was taking this picture, the song “Sister Golden Hair ” by America was (appropriately) playing on the radio.

Storm clouds in the distance made for a pretty backdrop.

At one point, we were driving down near the ocean and caught these gulls in flight. It was nice having the windows down as we drove along the beach.

This is an outbuilding and lookout tower to the old Wash Woods Coast Guard Station.

Hmmmm….looks like it might be time to head for home.

“...what is so rare as a day in”…..February?

~These Days Of Mine~




11 responses to “Summer In February

  1. I love your photos, thank you so much.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. I’m glad you got to enjoy the day.

  3. Great photos…..nice that you two could go to your favorite spot to enjoy some sun!


  4. Lovely. I am so ready to come see you and those horses. Just gotta figure out when! Thanks for sharing your lovely horses with us.

  5. Your photos just keep getting better. Love them!

  6. Another great series !
    Quite a difference out there today… just about as windy as it’s been in a while …

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Thanks again for brightening my day with the wonderful horse pictures. Have a good weekend..

  8. A+ photography Dianna and I can almost smell the fresh air. What a day you had!

  9. Sister Golden Hair was perfect for that horse! As usual, your photos are spectacular. 🙂

  10. AMAZING pictures. They are all frame worthy! Felt like I was right there.

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