An Equine Welcome

Since it’s been quite a long “dry” spell for us recently as far as seeing Corolla Wild Horses, I found some special local horses to photograph.

My cousin, Betty, lives about two miles from us…..or a quarter mile “as the crow flies”. Last Saturday, I went for a visit.

I was greeted by her horses as I drove down the lane.

Welcoming committee: Little Bit and Star

I was thankful that my camera was within reach, and just kept snapping pictures. (You do know that I have some experience taking pictures of horses….)

Once they decided that a): I was family, and b): I had no treats, they decided to let me pass and roamed back out into the pasture.

They were soon joined by Breeze (left)  and Azalea .  When Azalea was born several years ago, Betty asked our eldest aunt, Mattie, to name her.  Mattie, as was most of that family, was an avid gardener, so Azalea was the name she chose.

I just couldn’t stop taking pictures: gorgeous day and beautiful horses.

Finally, I put down the camera and continued my drive.

As usual, Betty and I had a wonderful visit.  And next time, I’ll pack treats for the welcoming committee.

~These Days Of Mine~





7 responses to “An Equine Welcome

  1. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us and so happy you had a wonderful visit with Betty.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Breeze’s coloring just draws my eye! What a beautiful drive – I think I’d take it more often – with treats, of course!

  3. What a welcoming committee! Just the perfect thing to add to a lovely visit with your cousin Betty. Aren’t you glad you had your camera along?

  4. Pretty welcoming committee!


  5. So good to see fine & healthy animals .. well cared for & happy ..
    & if you bring treats next time, you’ll make some new friends for sure !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Betty has beautiful horses. I know that was a special treat when they greeted you. Glad you and Betty had a good visit.

  7. They are quite photogenic! Love the name Azalea.

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