Photos By Marshall

For the most part, photos I take with my cell phone never really seem to be all that great. But, Marshall, on the other hand, takes some really nice pics with his phone.  He shares many of them with me by text.  So today, I thought I’d post some of his recent captures.

First, a rather patriotic planting.

Marshall’s kitty, Snugg.  You probably recall seeing pictures of him here in the past. He’s quite a ham and, apparently, a camera hog.

A new kitty has come to live with Marshall.  He’s quite a talker, so his name is officially “Screamer”. But, as those of you with pets know, we can turn a name around to be something quite different. “Screamer” became “Screamer, Deemer”, and now he’s just “Deems”. He, like Snugg, seems to know when his picture is being taken.

And finally, Marshall caught this shot of Snugg and his sisfur, Chessie (aka “Chesmire”) on the deck. Apparently, Chessie had just finished up a treat. And according to Snugg’s expression, it was HIS treat.

Thanks for sending these, Marshall, and allowing me to share them with my readers.

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “Photos By Marshall

  1. GREAT pictures – fat, sassy cats – look well loved! Now that cell phone has one good camera.

  2. Great photos, the kitties are adorable and well fed 🙂

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Marshall, you have certainly followed in your Mother’s footsteps with raising healthily happy kitties. Love the pictures! ❤

  4. Nice photos indeed! Marshall is like his mama -capturing great shots. My kids always have good photos from their cell phones too. Mine is terrible but probably because my phone is so old. These new cells have really good cameras.

  5. Oh boy! Marshall has a new addition – Deems is adorable……looks and sounds like a real character. Snugg and Chessie look like they’re not only good friends but happy eaters (!!). Great photos.

    Pam and Teddy too

  6. They seem to learn pretty quickly what to do when a camera comes out !
    Thanks for sharing them!.. & you know there will be more to come ; )

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