Around The Yard This Week

Today, I’m sharing some recent photos taken in our yard.

Yes, they leave a horrible mess, but there seems no way to get rid of them persuade them to go elsewhere. So it’s only fair that Canada geese would occasionally provide a photo op. At last count, we had several couples with many, many babies, who are growing by leaps and bounds. If they all return to the place of their birth, we are in serious trouble in years to come.

We have seen so many turtles in the past few days, including this biggie in one of our flowerbeds.

I thought she may have been laying eggs, but she walked away, leaving this hole uncovered.  Perhaps some of you turtle experts can advise?

Recently, I glanced out the kitchen window (thus the poor quality photo) and caught glimpse of this VERY unwelcome visitor. I had always thought the birds were protected by the tree branches while they were at the feeders. Thankfully, this has been the only time I’ve seen that hawk.  Hopefully, all the racket I made when I opened the door scared him away permanently.  (Wishful thinking, I’m sure.)

Are you familiar with Carolina Sweet Shrub?  Years ago, Marshall’s paternal grandmother had one at her front porch. I always admired it, but never was able to grow it from the cuttings she’d give me. Finally, I’ve had success.  Those dark red “blooms” have a very sweet aroma if you crush them between your fingers.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my garden phlox foliage was visible.  Normally the deer devour them right away, but this year, I rigged up a “blockade” with stakes and netting.

AND…that has paid off.  Well, I have flowers blooming, but they aren’t phlox. I posted this picture yesterday on FB, asking for help identifying the yellow plant.  My schoolmate (and birthday twin), Marilyn, came through for me and said it’s a primrose. I don’t recall planting THAT, but what a beautiful surprise. Now, hopefully, the plants on the left are my phlox.  And my netting is at top capacity, so if this foliage grows any taller, I will have to revamp my blockade.

And, after what seems like WEEKS of rainy weather, the sun came out late Saturday and treated us to a beautiful sunset.

What’s happening in YOUR yard?

~These Days Of Mine~




~These Days Of Mine~







10 responses to “Around The Yard This Week

  1. We have 3 Canada geese couples and I think 9 babies. Along with a mallard couple and 5 babies we have a lot of extra poo in the yard. 🙂 But it is life on a lake and I don’t mind too much. Our weather is rain, rain and more rain. Back yard is continually flooded and I feel like I am mildewing but there is to be a glimpse of sun today. Yay!

  2. I love how the squirrels and birds (and “whatever”) enjoy gardening in our gardens – bringing seeds of various plants and sometimes even cuttings which root! The primrose was a surprise for you – I’ve had some of those too through the years: coleus, vinca,sunflowers are just a few things I NEVER planted which did quite well – I hope the critters are enjoying my garden as much as I am! Wonderful photos………..we have lots of hawks around here and when I hear their “cry” I always hope it doesn’t mean they’ve had success hunting – at least in MY yard!


  3. You do have a lot going on right there in your yard! Our yard is finally green, green, green and the grass is growing like crazy. Unfortunately, our 20+ year-old lawn and garden tractor that hubby uses to mow this 2.4 acre yard of ours is about ready to give up, so we are going to have to buy a new one. (Yikes!! Sticker shock!!) The azaleas, bleeding heart, and lily of the valley are all in bloom. It’s so good to see color! 🙂

  4. Sometimes we feel like we’re feeding the birds as dinner for our two hawks too. We had the Carolina Sweet Shrub at home when I was growing up, but Mom called it something else – can’t remember what though……….LOVE, LOVE your pictures.

  5. It’s looking like Summer has arrived at TheseDays !
    Your flowers are looking good so far, and the shell on that turtle is AWESOME… great patterns !

  6. You really have interesting yard wild life! I have a hawk here catching a little bird in our feeding place.
    Our apple trees and cherry trees are in blossom now, they have huge white veils.
    I like this kind of nature posts very much.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You have the most amazing yard!! I just love the pictures. The turtle shell is so pretty and different. I am thinking the geese have made your home their summer home and place to raise their family.

  8. Your yard is a virtual wildlife refuge Dianna! Beautiful photos.

  9. We have not one but 2 ground hogs, I’ve dubbed them Grover and Georgia. We have 3 alley cats, one of which is a Tuxedo Cat we have named “Sylvester,” – this one is the best hunter and the most tame, will come to me for belly rubs and pets. The 2 others look like they partied too hard and didn’t make it in before curfew. There are roughly 4 of the large brown squirrels and 3 of the little red ones, the reds are fast and territorial and mean. Lots of cardinals and weeds! and mud, from all the rain!! Love your pictures, your yard is very welcoming no wonder you have so many “visitors” 🙂 MJ

  10. Thanks for sharing the flora and fauna around your yard. Amazing wildlife and lovely plant/flowers. Your primrose reminds me of 8 o’clocks. Does it bloom late in the evening or early morning or not really on a schedule? It’s a beauty. 🙂

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