Proud Papa; Sweet Baby Girl

You most likely recall my mentions of Marshall’s gray striped kitty, Screamer. Marshall suspects that he may have a trace of Bengal. In addition to his stripes, he also has huge paws and spots on his belly, two Bengal characteristics.

Screamer is an intact male, and it’s possible that he may “officially” belong to someone else.  He shows up, stays a few days, then disappears for a day or two.

On one of his recent returns, he wasn’t alone.

Yes, apparently Screamer has become a Papa, and for whatever the reason, decided to bring his baby girl to Marshall’s.

I’ve been owned by many kitties through the years, but I must say, I’ve never heard of a daddy cat having much to do with his offspring.

Marshall says that, in addition to the same coloring, he can just tell that they’re “pals”.

photo taken, appropriately enough, on Father’s Day

Perhaps, somehow, Screamer knew that she needed to be in a safer place? That’s Marshall’s opinion, and I tend to agree.

She’s been given a clean bill of health at the vet’s, who says she’s approximately two months old.  She likes to play with Marshall’s feet.

And a golf ball.

And, although she has access to the outside world, this little girl actually prefers to be inside.

“how much is that kitty in the window?”

So for the time being, all she needs is…… a name. Marshall’s waiting until just the right one comes to mind.

*All photos by Marshall.

~These Days Of Mine~


19 responses to “Proud Papa; Sweet Baby Girl

  1. Aleen, I mean Barb, I mean Aleen

    She’s adorable! What a cute little fluffball

  2. aww~! the name “Daisy” came to mind. Her little face in the bushes, like a little flower peeking out. What a cutie and who can RESIST a SWEET KITTEN???? Not I!! MJ

  3. She looks like a Guinnevere to me…
    Even has the green eyes.
    Does she walk through the garden in the morning after the rain?

  4. awww – what a doll

  5. She is totally precious…..and I’m sure that she will let Marshall know what her name is – eventually!


  6. Beauty of a sweet kitty! Love her lively appearance Best pets are those that adopt you!! Congratulations Marshall.

  7. How sweet. Those parental impulses don’t just belong to the mommas. Screamer knew a safe place for his baby girl. I think she looks like a Dolly.

  8. How incredibly sweet that Screamer brought his little girl to Marshall for protection and love. I do think it’s pretty rare that a daddy cat does that. New kitty is adorable.

  9. All sorts of names have been weighed & tossed out… We’re hoping the right one becomes obvious some day .. Soon .. ! Thanks for featuring her.. Updates to follow !

  10. She looks like she has ‘attitude’ and will be independent but devoted so I’d suggest Boudicca – yes, ancient Britton I know, but that easily becomes Bou for short. (And my daughter has a very similar looking cat of that name)

  11. That just made my day!! That is the sweetest thing ever. ❤

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    She has captured my heart for sure. So cute and loveable .Screamer knew his Dad, Marshall would love his little girl for sure. ❤

  13. She’s precious!

  14. Oh, she is so cute!

  15. Aw how wonderful I guess her Daddy new Marshall’s home would be a safe place for his baby-girl. I agree, it’s rare for an adult male cat to have much to do with kittens. I guess this Daddy is a great father with a kind soul. That’s so neat.
    Great photos Marshall. Congratulations on your new member of your family. She’s adorable. I look forward to hearing what name you choose.

  16. Awe! He knew you take fabulous care of his little cutie.

  17. What a cutie!

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