Remembering….With No Memories

My dad was born on July 9, 1899.  Seeing that date, most folks would probably expect me to be a good bit older than I am. But, my dad was in his 50’s when I was born. Sadly, he became ill and died when I was only eight months old.

So I never knew him. But Mom made sure I knew the important dates: his birthday, their anniversary, the day he died.  I think about him especially on those days and wish he could have been a part of my life.

This is an old snapshot of the little house where my dad was born. It was destroyed by fire many years ago, but during my childhood, it was still standing less than a quarter mile from where Mom and I lived. I stopped in the driveway one day, opened my car door and snapped a picture. You can see my radio antenna in the picture.

I’m guessing Daddy was about three years old when this picture was taken. I have one of the chairs from that set…(perhaps this very one?), and had this picture enlarged and printed on canvas. That’s now hanging over the chair. My late cousin, Lona, gave me the original of this picture many years ago; my dad and her maternal grandmother were siblings.  Her gift brought me to tears.

One of the few pictures of my Mom and Dad together.  Date unknown, but probably long before I came along. She never told me one negative thing about him.

I love this picture of my dad mowing grass. In it are things that bring back so many memories: the old shed in the background, the driveway, that tree… but no memory of my dad….

And finally, Mom had this photo colorized after Dad died and told me she did that so I could have a nice picture of him.

So Happy Birthday, Daddy. Sure wish I could made some memories with you.

~These Days Of Mine~


11 responses to “Remembering….With No Memories

  1. Oh he’s been with you every second of every day….you can bet on that. Nice to have photos AND his chair though.


  2. Marilyn Myers

    Dianna so sorry you were not able to have memories of your dad. I felt that way about my grandparents, but not having your dad is such a greater loss. I’m so glad you have these pictures of him. Especially the childhood pic of him, since very few people took pictures at at that time. What a treasure! I don’t have any of my parents when they were growing up, but always wished I did. What a great pic of your parents together, that shows such love! He was a very handsome man and I can definitely see his resemblance in Marshall:)

  3. I can not imagine what it was like to grow up with no real memories of your dad other than what your mom told you. What a blessing to have so many wonderful photos at least. I absolutely love the one of him mowing—what a great picture. Thanks for sharing your dad with us and Happy Birthday to him. 🙂

  4. Aleen, I mean Barb, I mean Aleen

    Beautiful tribute to your Dad and my Grandpa. I wish I could have known him, too. His little boy picture reminds me pf pictures of Eddie at that age. Maybe that’s who Eddie looked like?

  5. A lovely tribute from a loving daughter. He’d be so proud of you, just as your Mom. And what a tribute to your Mom fostering his essence to you. I agree that there’s favor in Marshall. You brought tears to my eyes this morning. What a gift from those who shared such wonderful pictures with you. God Bless.

  6. I’ m sure you will know him in Heaven.

  7. What a loving post about your father. Aw, Dianna, it makes my heart sad that you never got to know your daddy other than from photos and others’ stories about him, but happy for you that you have those. I know how special they are. My own dad as an infant lost his dad too, so he grew up with only two photos of his father. They were precious to him. My husband’s father was born in 1898 and was in his late 50’s when hubby came along and folks are stunned when we say when his dad was born, so I understand why people are surprised at your dad’s birth date too. We were blessed that my father-in-law lived a long, good life into his 90’s.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lovely tribute, Dianna. to your Father. You may not have known him physically here on earth but you are a very important part of your Father. So happy you do have some photos of him, that is a great treasure. And the stories I am sure your Mom and sisters had to tell. ❤

  9. Yes, a wonderful tribute – with pictures. I’ve heard many stories about him, and look forward to hearing more… & I’m glad you know the most important dates..

  10. I think Marshall favors your dad.

  11. Oh what a shame you never got to know him. This is a wonderful tribute and in a way a beautiful memory of the man who gave you life.

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