It’s Off To “Work” I Go

Yesterday, as I do nearly every day, I went to our shop and took lunch to Motor Man.

After lunch, I did some office work, and Motor Man went out in the shop to his assembly room. A short time later, I went out to talk with him, just as he was starting to put the push rods in an engine.

Those long black things are push rods.

As he was putting one in place, it fell down into the “valley” of the engine block. In the picture below, the yellow arrow points to the hole that it fell through (where the guide plate is). But, when it fell, instead of being “vertical”, it was in a horizontal position. We used a magnetic wand to reach it, but there was no way it was going to come back out the same way it fell in.

So, the two of us worked to get it down to the end where the green arrow is pointing (that’s the opening for the distributor).  But, Motor Man had to use a huge screwdriver and pliers and bend the rod to get it out, damaging it in the process.

Since I rarely work out in the shop, he had to document this monumental event with a photo.

He texted the picture to Marshall as well as a couple of our racing friends/customers.  Their replies were interesting:

Racer #1: “Motor Woman in training?”

Racer #2 “Ha-ha, a good woman right there, Bud.”

And my son, Marshall, (the comedian): “The boss is finally doing some work?”

Yeah, I think, in the future, I’ll just stick with office “work” and leave the shop work to Motor Man. After all, he laughed when I asked if he had a shop apron I could wear.

~These Days Of Mine~





8 responses to “It’s Off To “Work” I Go

  1. A woman of many talents )

  2. And you’re wearing white!! I guess you had no idea you would be working in the shop that day. LOL

  3. Nice of you to help out considering that WHITE blouse! I think you’d better get yourself a girlie shop apron “just in case”….maybe one with ruffles or flowers???????


  4. I’ve never seen such a clean machine!! No need for an overall if it’s always that way….. guess these engines are truely special unlike those in our “old bangers” and love your photo.

  5. Such a funny post ! .. you look right ” at home ” to me, to be honest !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We do stand by our men and step forward when needed. lol Love the blog.

  7. You know what they say, “Man works from sun to sun, but woman’s work is never done.” 😉 I’m sure Motor Man considers you his able assistant in life as well as work.

  8. A shop apron sounds logical to me! Sounds like Motor Man needs to give you a new pay grade with the added expertise:)

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