When You Just Don’t Wanna Do Your Homework

In a blog post last week, I commented that, sometimes, writing a post seems a bit like having to do homework. That was my feeling last night. So I’d resigned myself to just not having a post today.

But, then I remembered this picture Marshall texted to me yesterday afternoon of his sweet Sibyl (Sibs) as he said: “Doing some sort of horse impression”.

Now that’s the best of both worlds: kitties and horses.

So, Marshall for the save: today’s assignment completed and “turned in”.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “When You Just Don’t Wanna Do Your Homework

  1. Very well executed horse impression for Sibs indeed!


  2. How cute and just in the nick of time:)

  3. Marshall and Sibs to the rescue! Purrfect.

  4. Dianna, you get an “A” for this assignment. 😊

  5. So.. Instead of the dog eating your homework, the kitten did your homework for you ?? !! ; )

  6. Sybil – wait, spelled wrong! – Sibyl – is sooo adorable. She does look comfy in a horse pose. You shouldn’t feel bad or obligated ever, even the tiniest bit, to make a blog entry. You’ve shared so much of your days and put heart into even short posts that it’s a pleasant surprise just to receive them in my inbox 🙂

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Thanks for backing your Mom, Marshall. Sibyl is precious.

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