Christmas Memories

Today, a group of “gals”, former schoolmates, are meeting for lunch. One of those “gals” would be me.

Donna, one of the other “gals”, posted this in our private Facebook group: “bring something from Christmas past, a story, something that triggers thoughts and memories past. Pictures are great!!”

The pictures below will be the ones I take.  There are so many memories that come to mind from these pictures.

The tinsel on the Christmas tree is visible just to the left. Mom always had a live cedar (cut fresh by my brother-in-law when he went to get one for his family).

You can barely see the bottom of a Christmas card to the right of the tinsel. Mom always taped all the cards we received around the window and door sills.

I remember that little black and white tv in the far upper right corner. That brings back memories of all those great tv shows from that era. Three channels, and there was such a better variety than what we’re offered today.

That’s a little metal trash can just beyond my left elbow.

And I do believe that’s a “fever blister” (cold sore) on my bottom lip. I always seemed to have one during my growing-up years.

And, the box in front of me? I can’t say for sure, but it might be a little aluminum cookware set. I recall Santa bringing me one of those for Christmas one year.  There is a photo showing the little pots and pans, but I’m not able to locate it at this time.

This next picture, I believe, was taken earlier in the day, before Mom had a chance to “tame” my hair. I look to be the same age, and that Christmas card, taped to the window sill, is the same.  This picture shows a child’s table and chair in the background (I remember they were made of metal.) And that’s a doll baby crib (with the bird decal) to my left. Obviously, my new doll needed a place to sleep. And, although not the picture I had in mind, just beside my right arm, you can see one of those little aluminum pans. The heart-shaped item on the desk in the background is a mystery….

So, yes, there are many sweet memories associated with these pictures.

I can’t wait to see what treasures the other “gals” bring to share at lunch today.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Christmas Memories

  1. So precious. ….And look at the excitement in those eyes! The tinsel on the tree brings back memories. Mom had us help her, and we had to place each piece individually-no clumps please-on the tree. Thanks for the smile at your memories this morning. Enjoy everyone else’s memories today.

  2. Cute photos…..I remember how picky my Mom was about how we’d put tinsel on the tree. Had to be straight (I can almost hear her saying that – at least she said it with a “smile” !!). Yours would have passed her test! You must have been a very good girl this year – you got a lot of GREAT presents…..I bet you girls have fun sharing all of that today!


  3. Have a wonderful lunch! Thanks for sharing your sweet memories! In some ways those childhood Christmases seem so long ago, but also so near and fresh. Merry Christmas!

  4. What a great Christmas stroll! Pictures are perfect and one I am bringing very similar. I love the old pictures with tinsel, and then and now was fascinated with “angel hair” around the bulbs. My parents would say “dont touch” which to a child is the biggest draw of all It was so pretty. thanks Dianna, as I said, triggered memories of days gone by….priceless ☺😘💖
    Look forward to seeing you today!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So glad you shared these treasureed picture on your blog today so I could see them. I had a few too bring so I will post them on Face Book that way al least you can see them if not me. Will miss you. ❤

  6. So great when an image can do this.. So many memories linked to a single pic .. Good idea for a ‘prompt’ !

  7. Photos bring back all of those memories that we’ve almost forgotten, don’t they? Those pictures of your childhood Christmas are priceless. And they remind me so much of my own Christmases when I was little. Hope you ‘gals’ had a great time!

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