Winter’s Bright Spots

My friend, Donna, is responsible for the many squirrel bird feeders that I’m now attempting to keep filled. Donna is a self-proclaimed “bird nerd” and encouraged me to begin feeding our feathered friends.

Motor Man and I, as well as Sundae, certainly enjoy seeing the activity around those feeders.

Although most of our visitors (other than the squirrels) are red-winged blackbirds, who come in droves, we do occasionally see other birds.  It’s always nice to see these sweet goldfinch, even in their drab winter colors.

And the cheery red of a male cardinal always catches the eye. This one was nice enough to stay in that feeder long enough for me to get my camera.

Although it’s difficult to see, there IS a bright spot in this next picture, too: that tiny flash of red on the wing of the blackbird on the back side 0f the feeder.

Are you a casual bird feeder like we are?  Or a bird nerd like Donna? What birds are you seeing in your area?

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “Winter’s Bright Spots

  1. Funny but I have 3 of the same feeders at my house –the coffee pot, suet feeder and the one in the same picture as the suet feeder. I guess we have a lot of the same taste in bird feeders or maybe shop at the same place. I have a variety of birds that come and I love to feed them but have to be careful because of the raccoons and bears (who aren’t such a big problem right now) . I usually bring the ones on the porches in at night but the ones in the yard stay. Chris has promised to rig up some kind of wire system so I can haul them in easier at night but we shall see. The afternoon after Buddy died I had the most brilliant cardinal at the feeder and he stayed around a long time. I like to think it was to tell me Buddy was okay.

  2. I love seeing the birds at our feeders – the blackbirds chase everything else away when they arrive but we see cardinals, bluejays, chickadees, house finches, woodpeckers…..a huge variety of birds. I rarely see a red-winged blackbird which you have in your photo. I just love how “polite” birds other than blackbirds are – they wait patiently for a spot to open then help themselves.


  3. We’ve fed the birds ever since we got married, and they are such a bright spot in our day. Hubby takes care of buying the seed and filling the feeders. I do my part by enjoying them and buying new feeders. We’re fortunate to see doves, goldfinches, blue jays, red-winged blackbirds, woodpeckers, cardinals, grossbeaks, titmouse, blue birds (who love to look at their reflection in our car mirrors), crows, and squirrels(not encouraged)! We LOVE watching the birds, including those that migrate or just pass through on their way to the river.
    Love your feeders – they’re part of the scene.

  4. We have a bird feeder in the back yard which we can see from our deck and a suet feeder in a tree in the front yard. Lots of birds visit us, especially now that we don’t have a cat. 😉

  5. Joyce F in Kansas

    Yesterday I bought another 40 lb. bag of sunflower seeds and another seed bell. Then I proceeded to fill the three bird feeders with sunflower seed, one with thistle for the finches, put out the seed bell, and scattered cracked corn on the ground for the ground feeders. The seed block feeder and the suet feeder still had some in them so didn’t need attention. This cold morning the birds are blessing us with their presence – sparrows, finches, nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, an occasional blue jay, downy woodpeckers, a dove now and then as well as starlings. So I guess you’d say I’m a bird nerd.; We do have 4 cats and they do catch a bird once in awhile.

  6. how beautiful, these bright spots sure help to get us through the dark cold days

  7. Great pics ! The only standby in my yard are the cardinals .. They hang around for peanuts !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Before Chuck got sick we loved feeding our birds. Sadly to say we have not gone back to it. Reading your blog and seeing the great pictures makes me want to get back into it. ❤

  9. Wonderful bright spots around birdfeeders and around the yard. Watching birds and the other wildlife is very comforting. They also brings lots of joy to a home.

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