(Hand)writing On The Wall

One of my Christmas gifts (to myself) was a small desk calendar featuring each day’s celebration, as in: “National Day Of…” And I think it may provide me with some blog post topics throughout the year.

(You may recall that I posted Monday about Squirrel Appreciation Day. I’m hoping you all celebrated the day in a proper fashion.)

Today is National Handwriting Day.

As I thought about today’s post, it occurred to me how unimportant handwriting is now as opposed to just a few years ago. We used to write notes, cards and letters to friends, family and acquaintances; now most of us correspond by e-mail. For many of us, gone are the days that we make grocery lists or reminders to ourselves; now we just put a note in our phone.

Some school systems have even stopped teaching cursive.  I remember being so anxious to learn cursive in….second grade, I think?

As I planned this post, I began looking for some handwritten notes from years ago and found these to share. The first is my dear sweet mother’s attempt at poetry. I don’t really know when she wrote this, but I think it was when I was a young girl. Notice my mom said that they went to school “some time”. Mom grew up in a different era, when your schooling was complete around ninth grade. She also mentions her sisters and brothers and that she had quite a few (eleven, to be exact.)

I also found this note from my Mom’s sister, Lucille. The eldest sibling was Mattie, then Lucille, then Mom.  Although they lived locally, Mattie and Lucille enjoyed keeping in touch with family members through notes and letters.

This was a note to Marshall’s dad and me from Aunt Lucille. It was written soon after Marshall had minor surgery. I’m not sure about her segue into what she may have been able to do at age 4 1/2. (* see below)  That was Marshall’s age at the time, so I’m guessing that caused her to think about her life when she was a little girl. But I find it so interesting to read.

As I shared above, Aunt Lucille was the second eldest of the twelve. I think it’s sweet, and also a little sad, to read that she remembered wishing she could sit on her Mom’s lap and be rocked. And I love that Grandma sang to all the little ones.

** I stumbled upon another note from Aunt Lucille; this one written just a few days prior to the one I shared above. This part explains why she mentioned what she could do at age 4 1/2. I believe this came about because Marshall had written his name on a note to her.

All this thinking about handwriting has given me an idea: I think I’ll challenge myself to write one letter each week.  (And Motor Man, I know what you’re thinking: “when is she going to find time to do that?”)

Could I interest anyone else in joining me in this challenge? Hmmmm…is stationery still sold in stores? Perhaps we can find some vintage writing paper on E-bay.  Remember scented stationery?  Seems that was always a popular gift amongst the older ladies at church.

Who’s in?

~These Days Of Mine~






11 responses to “(Hand)writing On The Wall

  1. i love learning about and celebrating these special days – and i especially love handwritten letters

  2. I love this post and love your idea of one handwritten note a week. I am up for that! We found some really nice stationary at Papyrus (I think) a couple years ago that we used to write letters to Wendy and Micah when they got married. It was a huge box and I have used some but not all of it. And yes—I remember scented stationary so well. Someone else on my FB feed was looking for quality stationary the other day as well so I will scour my feed to see if they found some. Great idea!

  3. I have a few old handwritten notes from both my Mom and Dad. They are treasures…..the one from my Dad especially. Good luck with your challenge!


  4. I do occasionally write letters to my friends in Bulgaria and her two children. I send each child their own letter addressed to them, because I remember how much I loved getting my very own mail. I would accept your challenge, but I don’t know enough people to write a letter a week. However, I write out the answers, daily, to my BSF lessons. Does that count?

  5. I LOVE, LOVE handwritten notes and recipes too. I have some from my Grandma and some in my husband’s Grandmother’s old cook book that she’d gotten from ladies at church and the neighborhood. We keep a box (big box) of cards and stationary for note writing. I accept your challenge. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Oh! I loved your Mom’s poem.

  7. I’m with you. I love handwritten letters. I kept every one that my husband wrote to me when he was stationed in another country in addition to every one I wrote to him. I wrote about that in a blog post a few years ago. I am a dinosaur because I still hand write grocery lists, lists of “things to do,” and recipes. Believe it or not, I still occasionally send a handwritten letter too. And I have hand written notes to my grandchildren to be read when they are 18 years old. And I still have stationary in my desk drawers. I love your challenge!

  8. Wow.. Such great letters & notes.. & that poem… Definitely a lost art..

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful blog, loved the family letters. When Chuck was going through chemo in 2016 I started writing letters to friends and family as I sat with him. It was good therapy for me at the time. I have been wanting to start again so I would love to take you challenge.

  10. Beautiful memories of your loved ones.
    I treasure the letters I have from my loved ones.
    I agree that handwriting is a lost art.
    Thanks for sharing, you gave my heart a nice nostalgic smile.

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