A Special Way To Be Brought To Mind

As you can imagine, I follow several Facebook pages with origins in the Carova/Corolla/Outer Banks area.  And you probably also know that the main reason I do that is for news and pictures about “my” wild horses.

Last week, the Facebook Page “Corolla Beach House” posted this video. (Be sure your sound is on.)


Of course, you all know that I love it; it’s always exciting to see the horses running and to hear them whinny. And you have to wonder: was that last horse taking a short cut? Or did he just miss his turn?

In the days since that video was posted, several of my Facebook friends have shared it and tagged me in it.  A couple of them also sent the video to me in private messages. They all wanted to be sure that I saw it.

It makes me smile to know that seeing this video of these wild, beautiful horses caused so many folks to think about me.

And special thanks to Corolla Beach House for allowing me to share their amazing video with my readers. It was definitely a great capture. And, yes, I’m the tiniest bit envious.

~These Days Of Mine~



8 responses to “A Special Way To Be Brought To Mind

  1. That is so cool! I love it. And yes–you are known for your love of the wild horses and I bet you got tagged a million times. Thanks for sharing. I showed Chris and he thought it was pretty cool as well.

  2. What a wonderful video. Loved that they were following the road – path of least resistance. And I also wondered about the last horse – if he missed the turnoff or just knew a better route. A GREAT Monday morning smile!

  3. What a great sight to see from a front porch! Hearing their hooves on the ground – “the thundering herd” ……..I’m sure you will replay this a million times….great video.


  4. That was an incredible video of the morning sprint by the band of horses. The sunrise behind, reflection in the water puddles. and the resonating whinnies, just perfection. Oh, and the sound of the hooves! Made me think of cowboy shows and movies I loved growing up.
    How lovely so many people associate you with such beauty.
    Good week to you!!

  5. Love it! Better than watching a horse race at Churchill Downs. 🙂

  6. Like I said last night.. Its a great vid.. & i can see how folks would think of you !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful video one you could watch over and over. There is just something so special about those horses. Every time I see a horse of any kind I think of you. <3.

  8. Great video. I love the sounds of their hooves and the whinnies. The horses are truly magnificent. 🙂

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