Wild Horses On Wednesday

You may recall that, a couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post or two on Wednesdays and titled them “Wild Horse Wednesday”. Then I received a rather terse “cease and desist” email from The Wild Horse Freedom Federation informing me that those three words are a registered trademark. Imagine that, they somehow found my tiny little blog and were worried that it threatened their trademark. So, of course, I ceased and desisted. But, first I had a little fun with this post.

I wonder if anyone has registered the phrase “Wild Horses On Wednesday”. If so, I’m guessing I’ll hear about that, too.

So, ’til then: here goes. Pics from our last few trips to the Outer Banks.

I used to refer to horses with this coloring as having “blonde manes”. Then one of my horse friends politely pointed out to me that they’re actually called “flaxen” manes.

Blonde or flaxen, it’s a beautiful mane on a beautiful horse.

This time of year, the horses are easily hidden in the tall grasses.

Flaxen seems to be a popular hair color of the beach horses. Although it wasn’t an option for brunettes such as I,  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the hair lightener from yesteryear: “Sun In”.

And this poor fella is looking a little scruffy.

Perhaps he’s like the rest of us: looking forward to and waiting patiently for warmer days and the end of winter.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Wild Horses On Wednesday

  1. How amazingly beautiful they are and I’m glad that you didn’t stop sharing them

  2. They say blondes have more fun but I think the horses down there have fun no matter what color their manes are! The flaxen with the darker coloring is so striking though!


  3. Beautiful no matter what you call the blog post. Good grief. That really seems like a crazy thing to trademark. Maybe I need to trademark Teapot Tuesday???? Love the pictures as always. Thank you for sharing!

  4. They are beautiful with their flaxen coloring. And looking mighty warm in their thick winter coats. I never get tire of seeing them. Glad I can look forward to them on Wednesdays again.

  5. As always, those wild horses are so beautiful especially on the beach, flaxen manes or not. I remember when you got your ‘cease and desist’ warning. I thought it was ridiculous at the time and I still do!

  6. I loved the “sun in” comment. And the scruffy one made me think of the Beatles long hair.
    Beautiful animals
    I love the blonde manes.

  7. Beautiful creatures and your photos prove it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A fine assortment of images for Wild Horses on Wednesday ! Great colors in all, but pic three is the best for it !

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The horses are beautiful no matter what season it is to me.

  10. Breath taking beauties. Your photos are amazing.

  11. Wild horse hump day has a nice alliteration. Great shots!

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