“Untamed Equine Hump-day”


I recently received this message on my blog contact email:

Dear Diana,   I wanted to inform you that Wild Horse Freedom Federation has a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent Office of “Wild Horse Wednesday.”   I see that you have used these words on a couple of your blog posts on thesedaysofmine.com

We are asking that you please immediately remove the words “Wild Horse Wednesday” in all places on your blog and cease to use them in the future.  Thank you.

Debbie Coffey, V.P.
Wild Horse Freedom Federation****

****Please note:  this is NOT the organization who cares for “my” wild horses of the Outer Banks. 

Now….if you “Google” the phrase shown in red above, among the top seven returns are links to two of my blog posts with that title.  And I must admit that I consider that an honor.  (I’ve since tweaked those titles to be “Wilde Horsey Wednesday”).

And when I did a little research on trademarks, most of the information is related to commerce. My blog isn’t about selling anything: I’ve never made a penny from this blog, and it has never been my intention to do so.  But I don’t want to step on any hooves toes, especially those of folks who love and care for horses.

So Marshall helped me with a suggestion:  when you see posts here in the future titled “Untamed Equine Hump-day”, you will know the reason.


~These Days Of Mine~






11 responses to ““Untamed Equine Hump-day”

  1. Some people apparently just aren’t kept busy enough that they have the time to unnecessarily harass others I suppose! I like “Wilde” as it gives a bit of old-time flavor to the title……but you shouldn’t have had to change a thing!


  2. REALLY??? I’d think they’d appreciate you getting the message out there bringing attention to the efforts they’re making on behalf of Wild Horses – no matter where they reside. I’ll step down from my soap box and honor you for taking the high road and making the necessary changes. They are still beautiful horses!

  3. Great solution, they’re being a bit petty, but I think you’ve dealt with it admirably. And it’s nice to know they read your blog. 😉

  4. Oh for goodness sake, that is so ridiculous. If you were selling something or somehow taking revenue away from them, I could understand their point but really? One blogger infringing on their territory? Balderdash.

  5. looooove the title !!
    looks like somebody’s slinging their digital weight around on the other end.
    must be something better for them to do ?!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Crazy, this country has to find something wrong with everything. Your blog is about nothing else but fun and interesting subjects. I like your new title better anyway. Then they will have to find someone else to pick on.

  7. oh no! But no matter the name, we still get to enjoy your amazing photos and the horsey beauty. For a minute I was afraid you were announcing that you could no longer post photos of ‘their’ horses! =0

  8. I feel it’s really unfair to you since you’re not doing anything for financial gain. Plus what you are doing is helping the wild horses by sharing your beautiful photos and their stories.
    I like your new moniker for the horse posts.
    I look forward to another year of visiting with you and your wonderful friends.

  9. I’d like to add that I understand it’s a different organization than the Outer Banks of NC.
    I just don’t understand why that other group cares what you use for Wednesdays or any other day. Greed maybe? I just think it’s strange. :/

  10. Like, how would you know ? Are we going to check the Copyright Office every time we want to say something ? In the words of Colonel Sherman T. Potter, “HH”.

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