Warm And Windy

Yes, it’s another post from our happy place: Carova, NC, home of the beautiful wild horses. I hope my readers don’t tire of kitty and horse pictures, because that could well be the end of my blogging days.

Sunday morning was dreary, cold, foggy and not the kind of weather for a drive on the beach. But, my Motor Man had faith in the weatherman’s forecast that the afternoon would be nicer.

And they were both correct: we saw sun and temps in the lower 70’s Sunday afternoon.

And, although the horses were few in number (11), the ones we saw provided us with nice pictures.

Sometimes it’s difficult to spot the horses; they like to spend time in the tall grasses. We happened to see five, all lying down.  We occasionally see one resting, but this many in one location is rather unusual…perhaps because of the windy conditions?

So beautiful.

It’s always a treat to see one of the younger horses. This is Castano, born last summer, and he is sporting a mighty fine winter wool coat and black “boots”.

We were so fortunate that he walked right by our vehicle. Such an unusual marking on his forehead. (Is a horse’s forehead referred to by different terminology?)

You know that I was just clicking away on that camera.

Did I mention that it was a breezy day?


Bye, Castano!

Stay safe, little one; hope to see you again soon.

~These Days Of Mine~




10 responses to “Warm And Windy

  1. Castano does have beautiful and unusual coloring!


    • Looks like another great day down there! Whatever the reason, its cool to see them all together like that.. & that marking on Castano’s head.. ? .. It almost looks like a piece of wood with a crack in it … ? Good pics !

  2. Oh my goodness—how beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I never tire of seeing your beautiful friends.

  3. Oh how beautiful – that was some treat to find the group of horses lounging together. Castano sure came in for his close up. Glad the day turned out so nice for your ride.

  4. I never tire of your horse and kitty pictures!

  5. What a special treat to see all those beauties. You had me wondering about a horse’s forehead. And guess what? The space on the face above the eyes is called “the forehead.”LOL!

  6. How wonderful!

  7. How could we ever tire of these beautiful horses or your sweet kitties? Isn’t gonna happen!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I do not know how anyone could get tired of these beautiful horses.

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