How Our Kitties Are “Surviving” Winter

You may have been wondering just how the Motor Kitties are doing.

Well, Gypsy continues to adore “her” Motor Man. I just wish she could relax a little. And, no, he wasn’t asleep, just taking a short break from making horsepower.

Sundae is very thankful to be an indoor kitty with a nice soft, cushy bed, which just happens to be placed directly over a heat vent.

And, as for Sibs, Marshall’s kitty, could she possibly BE any cuter if she tried? Speaking of warm, cushy spots: her favorite is on a sherpa throw.

When Marshall sent me the next picture, his text read: “Gonna email Kellogg’s…somethn rotten in this most recent box…”.

So that’s how our kitties are staying occupied during this cold, rainy weather.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all kitties (and pups) could be safe and warm in loving homes?

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “How Our Kitties Are “Surviving” Winter

  1. Yes it would be great if all animals were safe, sound, well fed and in happy homes……we’ve had a “visitor” the last three mornings in our outside heated cat house. Word is out that there’s an available shelter for travelers I guess!


  2. Thanks for sharing such fabulous pictures of your kitties today. I need a cute kitty post. Our Holly is living her best life now as the queen of the house and looks for sunspots to lie in on the chilly days. So thankful for places that house stray cats / dogs during cold spells — we have a lot of places locally that look out for them which is wonderful.

  3. I think humans enjoy the warmth of lap kitties as much as the lap kitty does. Precious pics of all your furry friends.

  4. Your kitties are really picture perfect!

  5. Sweet kitty photos and lucky, loved kitties!

  6. Kellogg’s said there was nothing they could do.. We’re on our own.

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