Horses, Pigs And Bad Decisions

Or, in other words: your weekly beach report.

Yesterday, during our time on the beach at Carova, we saw seven horses, including this one:

“You looking at me?”

And this beauty:

We also saw this group, which included the beach’s resident mule, Raymond. He’s the dark colored, right front.  “Everybody loves Raymond.”

But, here’s something we’d never seen at the beach before. She was hanging out with a buddy, who slipped into the shrubs before I could get a picture. We’re pretty sure they belong to the folks who live at a nearby house.

And then this:

Yes, someone decided to drive their Challenger right by several signs reading: “4-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT“.  Facebook posts indicate they were able to free their vehicle and actually drove further down the beach.

Just another interesting day at Carova. It’s never boring.

~These Days Of Mine~




9 responses to “Horses, Pigs And Bad Decisions

  1. Beautiful horses – ALWAYS!!! And that pot-bellied pig!! Goodness – last week a seal and this week a pig. You just never know what you’re going to see, do you? Amazing that they got their car out and continued to drive on the beach. Curious about them getting back to the paved road. LOVE your Weekly Beach Reports.

  2. What a charming pig! Hope the people who own it don’t let it wander too much – all those vehicles around, etc. Lots to see on this trip even if there weren’t a whole lot of horses!


  3. Raymond and his band of mates always fascinate me! Shhhhh, he is not a stallion but you cannot convince him otherwise, and truly, who are we to say?
    the pot belly pig was wild, and cant wait to see what wanders out next!

  4. mcwilsonkygmailcom

    The horses are beautiful! So is Raymond! The pig? Well, does cute count?
    As for the idiots that took the Challenger in the sand? They will never get the sand out of the underside of that car and it will wear it down and grind in every moving part until it’s destroyed. My husband has seen it happen to many cars, as have I. They will pay dearly in repairs if they keep it long. In the words of a timeless poet “What a maroon!”

  5. Oh that pig! What a hoot seeing that…or should I say what a snort? Ha, I’m being just as silly as that person who drove his Challenger on the beach where only 4-wheel drive vehicles belong. 🙂

  6. I’d have to agree… Looks like Wild Kingdom down there, too ! Great pics ! Not sure what they were expecting to do driving that down there !?

  7. What a day you had at the beach! Those gorgeous horses and then the astonishing pig. The people stuck in the sand must really love it there too and planned to maybe camp out until help arrived?

  8. That pig!!!! So funny! And the car…. some people think signs don’t apply to them.

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