My Facebook friends know that our kitty, Sundae, paid a visit to the vet last week. Sundae had been experiencing some tummy issues, so last Friday, it was off to the doc.

Motor Man offered to go with us, but he’s up to his eyeballs in race engines (first race is a little over two weeks away), so I assured him that we would be fine.

Our previous kitty, Beezy, was such a gentle soul, when it came time to put her in the carrier, a tiny, encouraging shove was all that was needed.  Not so with Miss Sundae.  I have to put the carrier on its end and attempt to “drop” her in – feet first. It’s at that time that she seems to quickly grow ten extra hind legs, all going in different directions.

After about a half dozen tries, she was safely in the carrier and began to sing the song of her people.

When we arrived at the vet’s office, there were two huge dogs in the waiting area singing the song of THEIR people. At that point, Sundae decided to remain silent.  And, as upset as she was with me earlier, she nuzzled my hand through the door of the carrier while we waited. That’s forgiveness.

In the examining room, Sundae was as good as could be. We were left alone for a few minutes to await test results. So, we did what most folks do in those situations: we took selfies.

I stood close to the examining table and cradled her in my arms. And she never whimpered.

The vet’s diagnosis was a bacterial infection, and we were given a prescription for liquid meds.

Now, if we only had a video of Motor Man and me actually trying to get those meds IN Sundae:  that would be interesting indeed. Two words: tag team.

And, as upset as she is when that takes place, a few minutes later, she comes back to us to be loved.

That’s forgiveness.

~These Days Of Mine~




11 responses to “Forgiving

  1. AWW Yes! Forgiveness is a wonderful, cuddly thing. Glad Sundae was quick to forgive. I’ll bet the video of giver her meds would be fodder for AFV! Hope she’s doing better.

  2. I tell myself that on some level our furry babies KNOW we’re trying to help them when we put them through what we must do sometimes to trim their claws or get them to the vets. They are such sweet and forgiving kids and it would be great if we all could take a page from their book on that!!! Hope sweet Sundae is getting rid of that infection thanks to her meds (and thanks to her parents who are giving them to her!).


  3. Marsha Henegar

    Hi. Both of our kitties do the same thing when we try to put them in their carriers, and we also have to put them on end with the doors open. But here’s a tip: Pick her body up with one hand and grasp her back legs together, then lower her into the carrier. It’s still not what I would call “easy”, but won’t have to deal with those back legs multiplying and flailing. I hope she’s feeling much better soon!

  4. Marsha Henegar

    I forgot this part: Grasp her back legs together with the OTHER hand. LOL.

  5. mcwilsonkygmailcom

    We take care of them and they take care of us. That would be an interesting video indeed! I should try to get one of me and hubby trying to bathe our not-so-gentle giant dog! Ever heard that Johnny Cash song, “How High is the Water Mama?”…..OH MY!

  6. You can also see the trust in these pics … She knows she’ll be just fine ..

  7. Best investment I ever made was a carrier with a top door in addition to the front one. Glad all went well with your kitty.

  8. Awwwwww! Poor Sundae! I hope she is feeling better now and doesn’t have to go back to the vet.

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae knows she’s in good hands. Animals are so loving and forgiving. If only all people could be that way. I don’t blame her about taking the meds I don’t like to either.

  10. I’m glad to hear that Sundae will be fine. I had to put my Polly in her carrier several times when we had to leave home during the recent bushfires. The first time was not a problem but subsequent times there was no way she was going in so I too had to employ the drop in method to get her into it.

  11. Bless Sundae’s heart. I hope she feels better soon. She’s such a sweetie and a wonderful example of the love and forgiveness we all need to learn from our pets. Sending her hugs and healing thoughts.

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