Impossible To Imagine

My late sister, Rose, would have been eighty years old today.

Rose was 18, I was 3

When we’ve lost someone at a young age, whether it’s a family member, a celebrity (Elvis) or a politician (JFK), and then decades pass by, it’s impossible to imagine them the age they would be now.

Her wedding day. She was 19

The year prior to her death, Rose “celebrated” her 30th birthday. She was one of those who DREADED turning 30. It was such a huge deal to her.  But, after her death, I was struck by this fact: she hated turning 30…..but she never made it to 31. 

A cousin’s wedding. She was 24, I was 9

So, among all the bittersweet memories brought about by Rose’s tragic, untimely death, one thing I took from it was to never anguish over another birthday milestone.

Rose and me, late 60’s. She was nearing 30

Happy Birthday, Rose. As vivacious and full of life as you were, I know you would still be that way at 80.  I so wish you’d had the opportunity to celebrate more milestone birthdays.

Probably the last photo taken of Rose, just 9 days before her death. To read the story, click on the picture

Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many.” (Unknown)

~These Days Of Mine~







9 responses to “Impossible To Imagine

  1. So sad you didn’t have more years with Rose….it’s great that you have the last photo of her though. Eighty is a big milestone – my sister turns 80 next month and I’m glad I can celebrate it with her. You will celebrate Rose’s 80th birthday in your heart and soul.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. It seems the younger they die, the sadder it is. I a so sorry that you missed all those years with your sister.

  3. 80 – hard to imagine. Don’t you feel like she is frozen in time in your memory at 30? LOVD the pictures and so thankful you have the pictures. I’d recognized your Aunt Doris in the picture and smiled.

  4. A beautiful tribute. Someday I will send it to Steve. When he is more able to handle the situation.

  5. It really is amazing ..
    This is a wonderful tribute.. I’ve heard many stories of Rose, & I know I’ll hear some new ones later down the road ! ; )

  6. As my older sisters pass the 70’s mark and head toward 80, I can hardly believe it. Then I have to stop and remember how old I’ll be on my next birthday. Like you, I don’t dread those milestones, I’m grateful for them. I do remember your previous post about your sister Rose and her life cut short so tragically.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I completely understand what you mean, Dianna, about a birthday. I feel the same sense we lost Mama. Growing older is truly a blessing. Rose was a beauty. Hold on to the good memories, my friend ❤

  8. Bless you Dianna. This is a beautiful tribute to your dear sister. She was a special soul. What a blessing she was.
    I understand the feelings you have about your sister’s dreading to turn 30. It does make me wonder if some folks have intuition about that. I mention this because My brother had ominous feelings about turning 18. Unfortunately, He didn’t live past 18, He was killed in Vietnam. I turned 9 that year. I’m blessed to have special memories of him.
    I send out loving thoughts and hugs to you. ❤

  9. So sad, so lovely memories and photos. Your quote is so right.

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