Random Five Friday

Just ’cause it’s been a while since I’ve shared random thoughts:

1.) These pics were on my Facebook page, but thought I’d also share them here. My Mother’s Day was wonderful: breakfast with my two guys and special gifts from both of them. Marshall’s gave me one of his 3D shadowbox designs that he created just for me.

Motor Man’s gift was a hummingbird feeder, which now hangs right in front of our kitchen window.

2.) Remember this picture I shared in a previous post of Motor Man taking his “physical therapy”?

Evidently that therapy must have been just the “ticket”. I’m happy to report that he was released from the orthopedist this week. We’re thankful that his broken shoulder didn’t require surgery.

3.) We made a trip to the Outer Banks earlier this week to visit with some friends who are vacationing there. The four of us went riding to see horses, had lunch and spent some time catching up. It was a good time. My apologies to my FB friends for the repeat photos today.

4.) The annual Memorial Service is this Sunday at the cemetery in my little home town. This tradition goes back many, many years.  It seems the weather that day is either very cool or extremely hot. The latter seems to be what we’ll have for this year’s service: Sunday’s forecast is for temps around 90. We’ll definitely be seeking a shady spot to set up the chairs.

5.) Our home computer is just about out of space….that’s understandable, considering all the pictures I take (mostly of horses).  So, Motor Man and I recently went “window shopping”, and we think we’ve chosen a replacement. I’m so nervous about taking the old computer to the experts to have everything transferred to the new one. Silly? Maybe. But just think of all the room I’ll have for….more pictures!

So, if I’m missing from blogland for a few days, I’m just waiting to bring home the new computer. (Or trying to figure out how to use it….)

~These Days Of Mine~





9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Love your random round up of things! Good luck with the new computer. I totally understand being nervous about it. But you will do just fine. See you back here next time!

  2. Looks like a nice random week. I’m sure the new computer changeover will go just fine but since you have your photos backed up you needn’t worry! The computer angels are looking out for you!


  3. Sweet meanderings!! Exciting about new computer!!

  4. GREAT Randoms – a full week for you and Motor Man. Good Luck with the new computer – may you lose nothing in cyberspace. See you soon.

  5. I suggest you get a portable hard drive and back everything up before you take it in. So glad MM’s shoulder is doing great.


  6. Another great R5F ! Happy Mother’s Day… again !! & just think about alllll that extra space you’ll have to work with !

  7. Marilyn Myers

    Wonderful pics! Love both Mother’s Day gifts! I literally laughed seeing your post of Motor Man’s “Physical Therapy”…haha!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love the pictures and the R5F.

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