Wednesday Waddlers

First, an update on the computer situation:  we picked it up Monday, and for the most part, all is going well. We purchased Adobe Photoshop, so learning that is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. In the meantime…

This time of year, there are always new little ones in our yard….geese, ducks, deer, rabbits.  This year, we have ONE duckling. And proud Mama and Papa brought it around just about the time of sunset last night. I ran for the camera.

It’s an honor to know that the parents feel comfortable enough with me to bring their little one so close. (Of course, the corn that I feed them is encouragement.)

That sweet baby looks so soft and fuzzy…

And then they swam off into the sunset.

Bye, duck family!  Stay safe and come back soon. I’ll be waiting with corn.

~These Days Of Mine~



14 responses to “Wednesday Waddlers

  1. Sweet they have one little one to watch over… have to wonder if they started out with more – I know the survival rate is sometimes pretty slim. I love that they are so protective….! I’m sure they love that corn buffet at the Keens.


  2. We don’t have any ducklings or goslings here at all and I am bummed. We have a beaver that wiped out one of the Canada geese nests on the little island across from us and that was it for them I think. The guy mallards are still hanging around so I am hopeful that the mamas are on nests someplace. I love those pics of yours.

  3. How sweet! Hope the little one survives – there’re so many other animals out there that seem to like them for dinner. Hopefully, you’ll see this one grow to maturity. Love seeing the family.

  4. Your little duck family is darling. Baby will be spoiled being an “only”? We have two baby Pond Chickens, Galllinule. I hope your family and the Pond Chicken family stay safe. Congratulations with your new computer!

  5. So cute! I just love baby ducklings.

  6. My daughter sent this to me recently. Hope it transfers successfully as it’s on your theme of mallard families. These babies got stranded in her garden, but mum and the others were on the local village

  7. They know a good place when they find it! Hopefully all three will be there again soon !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Such a precious family. Hope the baby stays safe.

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