A Wish Come True, Part 1

WARNING: this post has LOTS of pics….

My niece, Barb, is an all-around animal lover, but she’s partial to cats and horses, as am I.  Gypsies are her favorite breed of horses, and because of that, she’s become Facebook friends with several folks who have that breed.  Recently she posted a question on her page, asking if any of those friends in her area would be willing to have her visit. For such a long time, she has longed to see a Gypsy horse in person.

Her friend, Darcy, was quick to respond and extend the invitation. Darcy lives about an hour and a half from Barb. And Darcy has a 3-month old Gypsy filly that Barb really wanted to meet while she was still small.

I offered to take Barb, partly because I, too, love horses (as you all know), and also because I thought Barb might like to have company on the trip. We planned our visit for last Wednesday.  The weather was perfect: temps in the 70’s with the gentlest breeze.

Darcy could not have been more welcoming and offered to take pictures of us with her horses.

Barb and I promptly fell in love with the little filly, whose name is  Chevelle.

How precious is this baby? That fluffiness at the bottom of her legs is called “feather”.

Chevelle’s “mom” is Honey, also a Gypsy.

And her “dad” is Hemi. (Can you tell that Darcy is a muscle car fan? And, interestingly enough, my second car was a 1969 Chevelle, and, currently, I drive a Dodge Charger with a Hemi engine.)

Darcy has taught Hemi some fun tricks. She was happy to show some of them to us.

Darcy also travels to show her horses.

Hemi will also “bow” in exchange for treats. This was one of my attempts.  If you can enlarge the pic, you’ll see that Hemi’s head is between his front legs and his mouth is open, waiting for me to drop in the treat. Fun. The pooch is “Hookah”, and he is never far from Darcy’s side.

Darcy also has another beautiful Gypsy stallion named Drogo.


I just had to get a short video of him running. (Near the end, you can hear Darcy say “shoot”, because she hadn’t intended to leave that gate open to the pasture.)


Valhalla, who is part quarter horse/part Belgian is also one of Darcy’s horses. He has such a sweet temperament. I loved seeing Barb’s face light up so many times during our visit.

We both had a wonderful time visiting Darcy’s farm and can’t thank her enough for her kindness.

Darcy’s farm logo

She also had a surprise in store for us, and I’ll share that with you Wednesday in A Wish Come True, Part 2.

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9 responses to “A Wish Come True, Part 1

  1. Awesome blog! It really was a dream come true! Perfect title!

  2. THise Gypsy horses are precious. How lucky you were to get to visit them.

  3. I wasn’t familiar with Gypsy horses – thanks for adding to my knowledge. What beautiful horses and such a sweet visit.

  4. What absolutely GORGEOUS horses and I could tell that Barb was having the time of her life – I know you were loving every minute of it – making Barb’s dream come true and visiting Darcy’s beautiful Gypsies made the day for both of you!


  5. Looking forward to part 2 ! Good to see so many smiles .. looks like the horses had a good time, too !

  6. That little filly is darling. I like the “muscle car” theme for names. Hemi is sporting some gorgeous dapples! That will be a special memory for you and your niece. Drogo… just, Wow! Also looking forward to part 2!

  7. What a fantastic visit!! How kind of Darcu to say come on over!! Such gorgeous horses!!

  8. such beautiful horses, how kind was she to allow you both the Royal Tour!! wow 🙂 MJ

  9. Oh, I can just see the joy on your face on this special day you had! Those horses are gorgeous; love their ‘feathers.’

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