A Wish Come True, Part 2

As I posted about on Monday, my niece, Barb, and I took a trip last week to meet in person some Gypsy horses.  Barb was invited by her Facebook friend, Darcy, to visit her farm and see her horses Hemi, Honey, Drago, Valhalla and sweet baby girl, Chevelle.

Not long after we arrived at Darcy’s (and while we were loving on her horses), she made a phone call. Then told us that a friend of hers, Rosie, who lives just a few minutes away, also has Gypsy horses. AND, had a filly born just six days prior.  Darcy had called to ask if it were okay for us to visit. And Rosie said yes!

Meet sweet baby “Trea”, whose given name is “Blackbeard’s Hidden Treasure”. That’s mom Winnie in the background.

Darcy and Rosie explained that I should get down on Trea’s level, so she could check me out.


Both Darcy and Rosie tried to teach me how to hold Trea to give her a hug. It took a few attempts, but it was fun learning.

This is Rosie, loving on that adorable baby.

And just look at “Auntie Darcy” getting sweet baby kisses.

Trea was very interested in nibbling on the back of my neck, my hair and my shirt sleeve.

Darcy and Rosie, along with their beautiful horses, certainly gave Barb and me a day to remember. We are so grateful for their kindness.

~These Days Of Mine~





11 responses to “A Wish Come True, Part 2

  1. Beautiful horses and I just love Trea’s curly little tail! She will be a real beauty when she grows up. So glad you and Barb had fun.


  2. what a wonderful experience, you weer so lucky to be in the right place at the right time –

  3. Wonderful, dear. Thank you.

  4. A beautiful experience and I have to agree with Pam, Trea’s little tail is too cute!

  5. I am struck by the loving generosity of Darcy and Rosie. Darcy reaching out to Barb and Rosie agreeing for you both to come over and meet her horse family. Whole new example of the kindness of strangers. And what beautiful horses!!
    I am sure you are both still smiling.

  6. Nothing better than getting to spend time with sweet, fuzzy foals.

  7. A day to remember, for sure ! & what a bonus – this experience waiting right down the road !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a amazing day you and Barbara had together!! Great memories

  9. A WONDERFUL treat for Barb – & you!!! My hubby would always get down to the level of their colts and calves. It’s amazing how they’ll come right up and explore when you’re not towering over them. So GLAD you both had such a great experience with a gracious hostess.

  10. Shirley C. Warren

    What a beautiful adventure you two had with new friends and their sweet new horse family! Heartfelt pictures, love I could feel! Natural and pure emotions!

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