Kindred Spirits

When I began blogging nearly ten years ago, it didn’t take long for me to start following other blogs and to gain a few followers of my own.

It seems there were several gals who started blogging around the same time that I did.  And we became “friends”.  Friends as in following each other’s blogs, commenting on posts and even becoming Facebook friends.

Over time, I’ve been fortunate to meet a few of those bloggers in person: Pam at Two Spoiled Cats (and in turn, the two of us have become really close friends), Marilyn at Emjay And Them and Beth Ann at It’s Just life.  I also met some gals who were blogging at the time, but are now “retired”.

This past weekend, I added another blogger to the list of “those met in person”, and that would be Cindy of Mama’s Empty Nest.  Can you imagine finally meeting someone that you’ve been corresponding with for nearly ten years?

Let’s just say it was a LONG hug.

We met at Hanover Tavern in Hanover, Virginia.  Cindy and her hubby (“Papa”) were in the area for a wedding, and the Tavern is about halfway between our town and where the wedding was held. It was a beautiful day for a drive.

The four of us really “hit it off”.  After finishing our brunch, we freed up our server’s table and went out to the parking lot where we stood and talked for nearly an hour. (Good thing the weather was nice.) There were lots of stories shared between us. Cindy and Dave are so friendly and easy to talk with.  I think we could have visited for hours….had they not been facing such a long drive home to Pennsylvania.

Cindy and Dave plan to be in Virginia Beach next summer on vacation. Motor Man and I promised to “kidnap” them one day and take them to the Outer Banks to see “my” wild horses.

I, for one, cannot wait.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Kindred Spirits

  1. That is so great, the human connections are everything. I’ve met a few as well each experience has been wonderful

  2. How wonderful to meet someone you’ve “long distance known” for ten years. So happy you chose the beautiful (and yummy) Hanover Tavern for your meet up. You will really make their vacation next year extra fun with the tour of the beach where “your” horses hang out!


  3. Aren’t friends just the best addition to our lives!!! So glad you got to meet in person after 10 years – sounds like a warm gathering. Know all are looking forward to next year’s visit already. ….And, YES, you and Motor Man are just the easiest to ‘hit it off’ with!

  4. Wonderful you got to seal the friendship with a face to face. You KNOW it is a good time when you spend an hour in the parking lot!!

  5. The beautiful day, the delicious lunch, and the BEST of company. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! ❤ Our meeting in person was long overdue, and yes, we could have talked for hours more. We have a friendship to treasure and we can't wait either to spend a day with you and Motor Man viewing "your horses."

  6. looks and sounds like you really did hit it off ! I can imagine we’ll be seeing more posts featuring the four of you !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Making friends is a blessing any way it happens.

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