From A Distance

So much has changed in our lives in the past few weeks. I’ve read that we should practice “physical distancing”, rather than “social distancing”, because we need to still have our friends and family (our support system) in our lives.

My friend, Donna, and I arranged to meet at a nearby state park on Friday. She brought a 6-ft long section of PVC pipe, so we could gauge how far we needed to be from each other.

I believe it’s the first time we haven’t greeted each other with a hug.

We walked along the banks of the James River and took pictures of the huge cypress tree root systems.

We couldn’t help but mention all the world events these trees have ‘witnessed’. Even more meaningful when you consider that this area is directly across the river from Jamestown Settlement, a distance of about four miles.

We brought a picnic to share after our walk on the beach….vintage tablecloths, picnic basket…

and our 6-ft long measuring stick.

picture taken with a timer on the camera

This is quite a different type of selfie for us.

And later in the day, we learned that a few hours after we left, the picnic shelter was officially closed to the public.

As we were leaving the park, we stopped to visit with the two resident donkeys. They don’t require a distance of 6-feet.

We were happy to devise a way to spend some time together, while still being in compliance.  There may not have been our usual hugs and selfies, but the girl talk and laughter was in abundance.

Stay well, everyone.

~These Days of Mine~


8 responses to “From A Distance

  1. Glad you and Donna managed to be “together-apart” which is something all of us need to do. This is our new normal although it sure doesn’t feel normal does it!


  2. It was a perfect day!!
    Fresh tea, fruits, and homemade rolls by Dianna (who provided most of picnic tepast)
    To get out, see a dear friend, and feel safe and separated still, was wonderful.
    Separate cats, separated picnic tables.
    It was perfect
    Now that separation in play to 4.30.20, We gave to plan another!

  3. I definitely like ‘physical’ distancing better than ‘social’ distancing. What a lovely picnic and the perfect spot. We did online church yesterday – that was a first. It was good, but I sure missed everyone. Can you imagine the ‘hugfest’ when this is all over???

  4. Once the weather gets warmer my family is going to come over here, park their cars at designated intervals and bring a picnic lunch. We’ll do the same thing you have, but being able to hug would be so comforting. Stay safe friend.

  5. This is all so odd these days, it’s nice to see friends able to still enjoy a picnic away. But wish all the parks around wouldn’t close. All the beautiful spring trails opening after a long winter, then just shut down. It’s so important to get out and be around nature. Appreciated this!

  6. Perspective is important – even more so now with this 6-feet rule … Glad y’all were still able to get together amidst all the craziness !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful time, great friends in a strange time, made it work!! ❤

  8. You two got your picnic accomplished just in time before the area closed, hooray! For huggers like you and me this physical distancing thing is hard!

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