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Poetic Thursday: I Want To Be Her

Poetic Thursday with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats!

All of Pam’s readers who know me just knew that I would love writing a poem inspired by this beautiful photo. And they were right.

Here’s my poem:

I Want To  Be Her

I want to be her in that moment in time:
the world turned slower, and more people were kind.

I want to be her wearing a jacket like that,
a long, flowing skirt, and oh, yes….that HAT!

I want to be her in those dark stockings and boots,
with a quiet elegance no one could dispute.

I want to be her with that confident gaze,
where a man can linger for days and days.

I want to be her, the main reason, of course:
to be sitting astride that magnificent horse.

One day…..

~These Days Of Mine~