Daily Archives: August 5, 2020

Windowpane Wednesday: Isaias

Yesterday morning around 3:30, Motor Man and I were awakened to emergency alerts on our cell phones. Our area was under a tornado warning. The meteorologist even mentioned a tiny town mapdot a couple of miles from us as being in the path. We rushed to get dressed, made sure Sundae was in our bedroom  and brought her carrier in from the garage to have it ready at the door.  We closely watched our local TV stations and radar on the computer. When things calmed down a bit, we went back to bed.

Thankfully, our area had no damage from a tornado, just a some fallen limbs, a few uprooted trees,  which caused power outages, etc. In our yard, it meant lots of leaves, pine straw and dropped crepe myrtle blooms.  We only lost power twice for a few seconds each time.

At first light, I looked out our dining room window to check on our yard. This was before I had put in my contact lenses, so I quickly went for my glasses to determine what this was in our flower bed.

It was one of the three tiny fawn we’ve been seeing for the past couple of weeks. Keep in mind, at this time, it was still raining, and we were having gusty winds.

Now,  little one, why are you here alone? Where is Mama?  Are you hurt? Lost? Frightened? Separated from your family? If I could, I would bring you inside.

A few minutes after I took this picture, the little one stood up and ran toward the marsh grass. So I’m optimistic that it was soon reunited with its family.

Now…onto the debris. This is what we had in most of our yard. Thankfully, no high tide trash to deal with this time.

We are very grateful to have been spared any injury and damage from the storm.  And our thoughts are with those who weren’t as fortunate. Now, to dodge any other storms who may head our way this hurricane season.

Were you in the line of the  storm? How did your area fare?

~These Days Of Mine~