Daily Archives: October 26, 2020

Sundae On Monday

Early one morning recently, while sitting at our desk, I glanced over to see Sundae at the window. Thankfully the camera was nearby, and I was able to get some pictures.

But not without getting her attention, of course.  We recently moved her ‘old’ window seat to the guest room (since she now goes there to ‘overnight kitty camp’ every night, so we can rest).  She just hasn’t yet accepted this new seat, preferring instead to sit on the windowsill on either side of it. Yes, she has walked across it, to which the paw indentations will attest.

Then I snapped this one using the flash. For some reason, this shows the golden hour of sunrise.

Thanks, Sundae, for the ‘cozy’ pictures.  Now give that new window seat a try, okay?

~These Days Of Mine~