What If You Fly?

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I were up at the crack of dawn. Our friend, Mark, had a hot air balloon launch planned for just after sunrise.

It really could not have been a more beautiful morning for a balloon flight.

No matter how many balloon launches we help with, I’m always inclined to take a picture as the burner is lit to fill the envelope with hot air in order for it to rise.

Saturday, there were two balloons launched at the same time. The other one (shown here on the right) is owned and piloted by Mark’s friend, Reed.

Those pesky power lines.

While the balloons were in flight, I noticed a flock of Canada geese flying near them. Afterward, Reed told us that the geese actually flew between the two balloons.

If the wind cooperates, the pilots usually try to fly their passengers over our local river, The Pagan.

I thought the balloons as seen through these lamp posts made for an interesting photo.

The passengers in both balloons were free-lance photographers/writers gathering information for articles/episodes pertaining to our local area. We look forward to seeing what they thought about their flights over our little town.

‘There is freedom waiting for you
in the breezes of the sky.
And you ask: “What if I fall?”
Oh, but my darling,
what if you fly?’
Erin Hanson

~These Days Of Mine~



6 responses to “What If You Fly?

  1. Super photos…….and it does appear to have been an ideal for ballooning or flying as the geese would testify to! We know all about flying and there’s nothing more freeing than being up in the air with a birds’ eye view of the beautiful world below.

    Happy Monday

  2. WOW!!! Amazing photos. I have to admit that the power line one made me catch my breath – WHEW!!! And the geese to fly between the two….Love the new lamp posts. You have such an eye for a GREAT photo, and I enjoy getting to see them. You need to make a ‘coffee table’ book of your photos.

  3. Amazing pictures and I do love the one with the lamp posts. And that quote! I love it!

  4. I really do love the lamppost picture … do the balloons wish they had a post, or do the lamps wish they could fly away ??

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great pictures!

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