Come Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I met the hot air balloon crew and passengers right around the time of sunrise.

The sun’s reflection on the fog made for an amazing photo op.

Launch sites are chosen depending on the wind direction.  This is at a farm a few miles out of town and is owned by friends of ours. Motor Man had recently received permission from the landowner to use this location as a launch site.

Once again, the weather made for a gorgeous balloon flight for the pilots and passengers.

And some nice photos from the ground.

Although we’ve seen many balloon flights, each one is different: the passengers, the flight ‘path’, the scenery…

And the landing.

I’ve used this quote several times here on the blog, but it always applies:

“Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man:
landing is the first.”

~These Days Of Mine~

3 responses to “Come Saturday Morning

  1. Glad a good time was had by all – the ones in the air AND the ones on the ground!


  2. Your photos and commentary on the balloon flights always thrill me — and that’s where it ends. I’m the second half of your quote – the thrill of landing! I’ll not experience that because my feet like terra firma!!

  3. such a nice, misty morning … and that landing — I can just tell it was smooth !

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