Windowpane Wednesday: For The Birds

Motor Man and I have really been enjoying all our feathered friends coming to dine at the feeders just outside our kitchen windows.

Since I’m a fan of ‘rustic’, I always like seeing a cardinal perched on the arm of the old wooden bench near the feeders. They seem to wait their turn here.

I never really thought about woodpeckers eating from a bird feeder; I just thought they obtained all their food from tree trunks. Wrong.

Wrens are one of my favorite birds. They’re so tiny and feisty.

For Christmas last year, my friend, Donna, gave me this suction cup feeder to attach to a window. We put it in place back in the spring. For a long time, we had no takers, but Donna advised me to be patient: when the weather turned cold, they would come. Now, as you can see, there’s a wait.

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I spotted a large bird perched on our deck railing. I grabbed the camera just as it took flight. Yes,  a hawk. I realize it’s all part of nature, but I was disappointed to see him so close to our feeders and hope we never see him capture one of our little birds.

PS. Thanks, Motor Man, for taking over the job of keeping the feeders filled. The birdies (and I) appreciate that.

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5 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: For The Birds

  1. Well you’re doing a brisk business out there in bird-feeding…..having a lot of feeders is such a joy too – the more the merrier I say.


  2. Love the ever-changing bird visitors. They are beautiful and fun to watch. We have a pair of hawks and enjoy watching them hopping around the field pouncing on ‘something’. Haven’t seen stray-feather evidence – relieved.

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    it must have gotten out in the bird world the Keens is the place to go!!! Great pics.

  4. We are enjoying the “bird movie” outside our kitchen window at our feeder too. It does provide entertainment and a sense of serenity, I think, to watch our fine feathered friends.

  5. you know how I think – I see several good flag designs here !!

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