Windowpane Wednesday: Rocky Raccoon

One evening, during the week before Christmas, I was doing a little baking in our kitchen. I kept hearing a thumping/bumping sound, but thought maybe it was the drum beat of some Christmas music playing in the living room.  Or perhaps the noise was being made by someone out at the marina.

Later, I happened to walk over toward the window, and something outside caught my eye.

You may recall the suction cup window bird feeder that was a gift from our friend, Donna.

Yes, “Rocky” had discovered the feeder, and was standing on the windowsill, just helping himself. The noise I was hearing was the feeder bumping against the windowpane.

On our security cameras, we’ve seen the raccoons walking around our yard at night, and knew they were big, but I was really surprised to see that size in person.

I tapped on the window, and Rocky wasn’t the least bit concerned. Then I raised the inside window, so there was nothing between us except the storm window.


The next step is to move that feeder up (hopefully) out of his reach.

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Rocky Raccoon

  1. HA! What a cute face……I know they are “pestful” little critters but they are rather adorable. We have giant-sized ones here too. They love the leftovers from our visiting cats (if the visitors leave any kibble that is!). I’m sure moving it out of reach will handle it – but then no more cute faces looking through your window!


  2. Oh My Goodness!!! What a stinker! He was sure persistent and not going to give up on a good meal! Good luck with moving the feeder up. Now, let’s see if that works…

  3. He was a hungry fellow, wasn’t he? And nothing was going to stop him from having his dinner.

  4. watch out …. a guy in Canada has a Youtube channel about “his” “wild” raccoons that he feeds every night – it’s nothing usual for him to have 20+ mouths to feed each time ….. but they are fun to watch – nice pics and vid !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You got the cutest pictures of him. I know they are a pain but have to admit they are cute!!! He was just having his before Christmas meal. lol

  6. 🙂 Oh, I do wish they weren’t so cute! They can be so destructive.

  7. Rocky is adorable. Aw, you have the cutest visitors. ❤

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