Daily Archives: February 3, 2021

Windowpane Wednesday: Snow Day

Within the past week, we’ve had not one, but two snow events. Granted, each one only gave us a dusting of snow, but for our area, we take what we can get.

Last Sunday morning was the second one of our snow ‘storms’, and Sundae discovered some feathered friends outside the window of her room. She enjoyed watching from the comfort and warmth of her window seat.

I was able to capture this short video.  You can see a squirrel scampering by, a tiny wren make a brief appearance in the lower right corner, and a cardinal fly by. Oh, and you can see it snowing!  We have three bird feeders just to the right of the shrub you can see in the video. I love watching Sundae’s ears as she takes in all the action. (There’s no sound, except about halfway through, when I whisper and ask her what she sees.)


Sundae says humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy watching birds on a snowy day.

~These Days Of Mine~