Daily Archives: February 24, 2021

Windowpane Wednesday: Bluebirds

You may recall that we had bluebirds (for the first time) last spring/summer. I was so excited, because they are, arguably,  my favorite bird. But they disappeared in late summer/early fall. And I just thought maybe that’s what they did in our area at that time of year.

But my friend, Lori, who lives less than an hour away, has been posting pictures of her bluebirds this winter….in the snow.  So I messaged her to ask about having bluebirds year round.  And she advised me to just put out meal worms, and they would come.

Motor Man and I ordered a feeder meant for small birds. And then, I found a lantern-type thingy at an antique shop that I decided might just work, too.

The ‘legitimate’ feeder, which has been in use for a week or two is on the right and has been visited frequently by sweet little wrens. My repurposed one is on the left.

Yesterday, after spotting a couple of bluebirds (YES!) on the shepherd’s hook, I put the repurposed feeder to use and filled both feeders with meal worms.

The bluebirds wouldn’t cooperate with me getting a picture of them at the feeder, but I did manage to get this of one on the ground. I just think that is the most amazing blue.

Thanks, Lori, for the great advice! And hopefully, I’ll have pictures soon of these beauties on the feeders.

~These Days Of Mine~