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One of the blogs I’ve been following for quite some time is Nancy’s “Not Quite Old“. I think she may have begun blogging around the same time I did.

A couple of weeks ago, when I saw the title of her post (the same as my title today), it was a new word to me.  So, of course, I Googled the meaning: “arranged alphabetically”.

In her post, Nancy explained that she was participating in a writing experiment, a challenge to write a story in 26 sentences. Each subsequent sentence must begin with the next letter of the alphabet. Those participating have the option of skipping X or Z, but not both.

Motor Man and I were on our 5 1/2 hour journey to Snowshoe at the time, so I grabbed a pen and some paper and began writing.  Unfortunately, because I wasn’t paying attention, we missed a turn.  That led to a detour of nearly a hundred miles. And rather than arriving at our sleigh ride over an hour ahead of schedule, we ‘skeeked’ in with 10 minutes to spare. Sheesh. Thankfully, my Motor Man isn’t easily upset.

Here’s my Abecedarian story, which I’m proud to say includes both letters, X and Z:

Never Too Old

Apple-flavored treats were the ones she chose.
Because everyone knows that horses love apples.
Carefully, she placed her left foot in the stirrup and swung her right leg over the saddle.
Dare she hope that a woman her age could learn to ride?
Excitement quickly overruled her doubts.
Finally, she felt brave enough to do this.
Gathering the reins, she gave a click of her tongue and a timid “walk up” to her lesson horse.
Her husband completely encouraged her in this new hobby.
In fact, he drove her to her lessons and took pictures of her as she rode.
Just seeing her do what she loved made him happy.
Knowing he was there made her smile.
Love is a powerful force, and theirs was obvious to all who knew them.
Maybe I should have started this hobby sooner,  she thought.
No, she had just read a quote: ‘It’s never too late, and you’re never too old’.
Of course, some of her friends questioned this new obsession of hers.
Patiently, her instructor/friend taught her the basics and offered some suggestions.
Quit doubting yourself.
Ride with your head up, your back straight and your heels down.”
Slowly, she began to feel more confident with each ride.
Though she would always be an amateur, she was okay with that.
Unless I take a fall, everything will be just fine, was her motto.
Visions of doctors at the hospital flashed through her mind.
Why do I not remember the fall? she wondered.
X-ray results should be back in a few minutes,” she heard someone say from a distance.
You’re dreaming,” her husband repeated again and again, as he gently woke her from her unpleasant dream.
Zzzzzz,” he heard, as she drifted back to sleep and happier dreams.

Thanks, Nancy, for sharing this fun idea.

~These Days Of Mine~